Wendy Williams’ Brother Tommy Shares He’s Worried About The Media Personality Following Her Recent Marriage Claim: It’s Kind Of Crazy & Very Unnerving


Wendy Williams’ Brother Tommy Shares He’s Worried About The Media Personality Following Her Recent Marriage Claim: It’s Kind Of Crazy & Very Unnerving

Wendy Williams’ friends and family are growing increasingly concerned about her, following her somewhat bizarre claims that she got married to an NYPD police officer.
According to reports, they worry that she’s surrounded by people who don’t want what’s best for her. They’re also concerned that the media personality is being allowed to rush into work and media appearances before she’s healthy enough and has shown significant improvement.

On Tuesday (August 2) Wendy Williams called media personality, Jason Lee to inform him that she tied the knot. Jason Lee reflected on their conversation and shared:

“She says, ‘I’m married.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ She’s like, ‘I got married.’”

He added:

“I’m like, ‘You got married when?’ And she’s like, ‘I got married last week.’”

Lee also shared that following the media mogul “getting married,” she wanted her publicist to keep her “entire family away from her except for her son for at least a year.” 

Wendy Williams, Jason Lee

Now, Wendy William’s brother, Tommy Williams is speaking out and sharing his concerns for his sister. He describes her recent appearances and interviews as “really sad.” Tommy told sources:

“I’ve been with Wendy since the very beginning and she’s never talked like this, but I don’t think it’s her fault. It’s a precarious situation.”

He told sources that he spoke to his sister recently and that she didn’t mention anything about a husband. He said,

“She wasn’t getting married last week. I think it’s kind of crazy, and very unnerving.”

During a recent Youtube video, Tommy revealed concerns that he has in regards to the people around Wendy Williams. While Tommy didn’t name William Selby–Wendy’s new manager/publicist– he believes his sister is being taken advantage of. He explained,

“If she was around the right people, they wouldn’t have her in front of the cameras. She’s in the wrong hands.”

He added,

“I want her back in Florida because this is where the love is. She needs to be around the people who genuinely love her.”

Tommy Williams

 As previously reported, Wendy Williams had another conversation with Jason Lee in which the former talk show host stood by the claims she previously told Lee and said again that she is indeed married to an NYPD officer. Wendy Williams made it clear that she has a ring and doesn’t care what anyone else says. While addressing speculation that he lied about her alleged marriage, Jason Lee said:

“So yesterday when you called me and said you were married, you know I posted that right? And now some guy named Will is talking to Page 6 saying it’s bullsh*t. [He] making me look crazy out here.”

Williams said:

“No. Everybody seems to have a problem with that. I’m married.”

Lee asked:

“So is their problem that they don’t want people to know you’re married, or they didn’t want you to tell me you’re married?”

Williams replied:

“I’m married! I don’t care who knows it. I’m married.”

Lee said:

“Okay. You know I f*ck with you the long way. Ima always look out for you. I just don’t know what Will is doing and why he’s out there trying to discredit me but that sh*t pissed me the f*ck off!”

Wendy Williams

The 58-year-old continued:

“‘Cause Will sees no point in me getting married but you know what f*ck Will! 14 years I’ve known him and I’ve always said f*ck him, in a good way.”

Later during their chat Lee said:

“Alright. Well that’s fine if you’re comfortable with him, cool. But he needs to watch his mouth, he better keep my name out his mouth with that b*llsh*t, and he’s talking about he’s your official rep. That’s what he told Page 6.”

Williams admitted:

“He is.”

Lee said:

“Well somehow he needs to get on the same page with you then ‘cause clearly you know you talked to me and I said what I said, so I don’t know him but-”

Williams added:

“It’s okay.”

On Wednesday (August 3) William Selby stood on Williams’ not being married and said the former talk show host,

“is excited about everything new in her life and her main priority is her health and shooting her first episode of her podcast.”

William Selby added:

“That’s the focus right now. You never know anything is serious when it comes to the affairs of the heart until it’s serious.”

William Selby also denied Lee’s, 44, claims of trying to portray him as a non-credible source. He continued:

“Nobody is trying to make Jason look like he lacks credibility, that is never my intent. All I did was respond to a question I was asked. Like I said previously, the focus is Wendy’s health and preparing to shoot the podcast.” 

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Authored by: Monique Nicole