Wendy Williams’ Brother, Tommy Williams, Gives New Update On Talk Show Host

Wendy Williams’ Brother, Tommy Williams, Gives New Update On Talk Show Host

Wendy Williams’ brother, Tommy Williams, is letting the world know that despite what some reports may claim, his sister is “doing well!”

As previously reported, last month it was confirmed that after 13 seasons “The Wendy Williams Show” would be ending soon. Actress Sherri Shepherd will be replacing the series’ time slot with her own talk show, which is set to premiere in the fall. Unfortunately, Wendy Williams’ talk show ending seemingly stems from her taking an indefinite leave of absence due to various medical issues. Wendy Williams hasn’t appeared on the popular talk show since season 13 kicked off last October. Since then, multiple celebrities have stepped in to help host the series.

Wendy’s brother, Tommy Williams, recently provided fans an update on his famous sister’s health. In a video that was shared online, he said,

“Wendy’s doing well. She’s recovering.”

He continued,

“You know, Wendy is not just going to be back, but she’s going to be better than ever folks. We’re not looking – you’re gonna experience somebody that you haven’t seen before – that you’ve never met.”

He added,

“Because her level of focus and intensity and the fight that she will have fought once she gets back on her – whatever she’s gonna do. I would say show but we’ll see.”

Tommy Williams then addressed Wendy’s fans who feel that she owes them an explanation.

“I’ve seen a lot of selfish remarks on here – a lot of you know, ‘she needs to tell us’ and ‘her fans…’ and ‘she needs to…’ no, she doesn’t need to do any of that. What she needs to do is just be herself, right. And move along with her own accord.”

He continued,

“I am encouraging you all to look back into yourselves and determine how many times do you change your mind and reroute and redirect yourself during the course of a day, a year, [or], a lifetime, you know.”

Tommy also mentioned how he doesn’t have any critiques towards Sherri Shepherd for taking over his sister’s show.

“I thank you all for viewing [Wendy] as such a light – a guiding light – in the profession of entertainment and I definitely agree. I’m not side-eyeing it because I definitely think she’s the best, you know. You notice I don’t critique Sherri Shepherd and what she’s trying to do and I haven’t watched the show because, you know, I didn’t watch Wendy’s show that much because I stay busy.”

Sherri Shepherd

He continued and shared that despite what the tabloids may say, his sister is capable of taking care of her own money. He added,

“Wendy is in full charge of her faculties.”

Reports broke earlier this year that Wendy’s banking accounts had been frozen against her well. The accounts, which reportedly contain millions of dollars, were locked by Wells Fargo due to suspicion that the talk show host is suffering from

“financial exploitation, dementia or undue influence.”

Wendy and her legal team have been working to get her control of her finances. According to court documents previously obtained by theJasmineBRAND, Wendy filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo arguing that their decision to freeze her account has caused her,

“imminent and irreparable financial damage.”

(click here to see documents) 

Last month it was reported that Wendy’s case against Wells Fargo was sealed, which means all relevant documents within the file will remain closed to the public and require a court order for access.

Wendy Williams

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel