Tisha Campbell Snuck Into The Audition For ‘My Wife & Kids’

Tisha Campbell Snuck Into Her Audition For ‘My Wife & Kids’

Tisha Campbell didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer when it came to pursuing her dream roles in acting.

Tisha Campbell

In a recent interview, Tisha Campbell revealed that she wasn’t picked to audition for My Wife & Kids but she snuck into the auditions anyway. Actress Tisha Campbell explained:

“The pilot came up. I didn’t get an audition right?”

The 53-year-old continued:

“I said ‘yo Tishina! Yo when it your auditions?’ She was like ‘it’s ‘this this this’’ I said ‘aight, send me the thing, Ima show up.”

Campbell said:

“I pull up to the Disney lot and I go ‘hey, I’m supposed to be here and my name is Tisha Campbell’ and he was like ‘your name’s not on the list,’ and I was like ‘oh my God! My agent did this to me again? I can’t believe this can you check one more time? Look under Tisha!’ and he goes ‘I’m just gon’ let you in there’s a lot of people that look like you that came in today.”

The New Jersey native added:

“I was like ‘thank you very much, thank you very much!’”

My Wife & Kids is an African-American family comedy sitcom that aired on ABC’s network from 2001 to 2005. Campbell played Janet Marie “Jay” Kyle, the wife of Michael Kyle (played by Damon Wayans). Throughout the show the “couple” shared three children Michael “Junior” Kyle Jr (played by George O. Gore II), Claire Kyle (played by Jazz Raycole in season 1 and Jennifer Nicole Freeman in seasons 2 through 5) and Kady Kyle (played by Parker McKenna Posey).

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill