Chargers’ Sebastian Joseph-Day Alleges He Was Sexually Assaulted By TSA Agent: ‘It Was Extremely Unnecessary & Dehumanizing’

Chargers’ Sebastian Joseph-Day Alleges He Was Sexually Assaulted By TSA Agent: ‘It Was Extremely Unnecessary & Dehumanizing’

Chargers defensive end Sebastian Joseph-Day has exposed an employee of John Wayne Airport for on-the-job misconduct.

According to Sebastian Joseph-Day, on Friday (Mar. 24), one of the California airport male TSA agents allegedly sexually assaulted him, and upon addressing the issue, he was bombarded by a group of other TSA staff.

Sebastian Joseph-Day

Sebastian Joseph-Day took to his Twitter account to speak on the matter, detailing how the horrific occurrence went down. The 28-year-old claimed that he’d notified the unidentified individual of his discomfort and requested him to halt his search, but the man (seemingly) proceeded to violate Joseph-Day.

I really just got sexually assaulted by TSA at @JohnWayneAir. After I asked the gentleman to please stop BC I’m uncomfortable and I feel that this part of the check is unnecessary (After he felt what was needed). Then they told me I was the problem after 3 TSA agents swarmed me.”

The NFL star then went on to express that he was completely stunned by the incident, as the traumatic experience was something he’d never dealt with before while traveling.

I’m all for people doing their job well. But it was extremely unnecessary and dehumanizing. I travel a lot, for personal and work reasons. I’ve never experienced anything like that @JohnWayneAir.”

Sebastian Joseph-Day

Ultimately, Joseph-Day attempted to file a complaint, but he was given the runaround. The celebrated athlete assured that his reason for bringing it to social media was to, not only seek justice for himself but, raise awareness.

When tagging officials in his tweet, Joseph-Day wrote:

“I’m not sharing this on Twitter for sympathy. I’m sharing this so this group of [gentlemen] and staff aren’t allowed to do this ever again to another human being. @JohnWayneAir @City_of_Irvine @OCSheriff @OCGovCA.”

Upon Joseph-Day revealing the troubling event, others weighed in to offer their support and even related to the disturbing circumstance.

A user by the name of DrOkpala responded,

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. We’ve all been through TSA and can tell the difference between someone being professional about it, much like a medical exam, and someone sexually assaulting you. I’ve posted about being sexually assaulted by a TSA agent at Asheville airport….”

Another person added, unveiling a situation with TSA being inappropriate during a routine “pat-down.”

“Definitely believe you. I had to get that TSA Precheck so I could avoid going thru the x-ray machines in Minneapolis. No matter what I wore the machine always said I had something in my crotch. And they always had some big moist dude patting me down. Get that TSA Precheck and walk thru.”

John Wayne Airport has since responded to Joseph-Day’s claims, thanking him for coming forward about the unruliness. They tweeted to the football phenomenon,

Hello [Sebastian], thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our priority is providing a comfortable and safe experience when traveling through John Wayne Airport. We are forwarding this information to TSA.”

Additionally, the establishment released a statement to Fox News and reported that they were investigating. The document read,

“TSA is aware of the allegations made by a traveler who was screened by TSA officers at John Wayne Prange County Airport Friday morning. We are looking into the matter to determine if our procedures were followed and whether any corrective action needs to be taken.”

Despite John Wayne Airport’s “apology,” Joseph-Day still (rightfully) maintains his frustration. He said,

It’s 1 thing if they apologized after my concerns, but the supervisor threatened to call the sheriff on me if I didn’t finish the search after I expressed I was just violated & told me to watch my mouth. I don’t think it’s just a TSA issue.”

If you remember, just last year, singer Summer Walker called out staff at an airport for excessively touching her during a TSA check as well.

She said in her Instagram Story,

“I’m legit bout to start coming through the airport p*ssy hole [naked]. I’m so tired of these ugly b*tches lookin for random reasons to touch this a** for free now I gotta take your sh*tty pissy a** energy home w me or worse.”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell