Cardi B Gets Into Heated Argument W/ Nicki Minaj Fan/Alleged Stylist, Says Rapper Tried To Pay Off Women In Ongoing Case & Husband Offset Cheated On Her W/ Saweetie

Cardi B, Offset, Nicki Minaj, Saweetie

Cardi B Gets Into Heated Argument W/ Nicki Minaj Fan/Alleged Stylist, Says Rapper Tried To Pay Off Women In Ongoing Case & Husband Offset Cheated On Her W/ Saweetie

Cardi B recently took part in a heated online dispute with one of Nicki Minaj’s fans/alleged stylist.

On Wednesday (August 24), 29-year-old rapper Cardi B took to Twitter to respond to seemingly negative remarks left in the comment section by fellow rapper Nicki Minaj’s alleged stylist, Khalil Anthony Lloyd. The comments were dropped off by the stylist under a post that reported Cardi B’s husband, Offset, was blackballed by record label Quality Control Records.

Offset, Quality Control’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas

In response to Cardi defending her partner Offset, 30, Khalil Lloyd, known as thatssokhalil_ on Instagram, wrote via IG comment,

“@iamcardib dang you got
notifications on?”

In another comment, the stylist shared,

”One thing about them tables chile …”

A social media user who appears to be apart of Cardi’s fan base Bardi Gang, took note of the comments and brought them to her attention. The Internet celebrity fired back to the stylist, who allegedly was recently released from jail for stealing $3,000 worth of clothes. However, Khalil Lloyd said he was booked for a probation violation. She said,

“Nikka couldn’t afford bail first thing he comes home to is my d*ck.”

From there, things got more interesting. Khalil Lloyd began to call out the New York song-writer. Following Cardi acknowledging the comments, he claimed that Offset was seemingly flirting with his friend at an event that took place in Hollywood recently.

Lloyd then alleged Cardi wants to make amends with Nicki Minaj, 39. The pair’s feud has been well-documented over the past few years. In 2018, the two got physical at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party during New York Fashion Week. The stylist said,

“I was in jail for a probation violation babe, you don’t get BAIL for that I’m in comments wondering why ya notifications on and you so OBSESSED? But since we’re here why is TStyles saying you wanna wave the flag wit Nicki? It’s come back to me”

The alleged stylist took things a step further and accused the rap superstar of attempting to pay off two sisters in her assault case, in which she allegedly ordered her friends to attack the women after one was said to have slept with Offset. Cardi responded,

Why you lying on me and those girls for I have a open case EVERYTHING IS PUBLIC offering money will not benefit me and actually get me in real trouble you making up anything cause you decided to come for me after coming out of jail for stealing 3k worth of clothes”

Lloyd doubled down on his claims, while accompanying his response with prior mugshots of Offset. He replied,

“Now we know you love a piece of Jail d*ck. Let’s not get high and mighty now Ms Billy Brim Blood. Nobody put words in TStyles mouth. She know she said it. You wanna make up that’s cool WHY CAP? Everyone was at the party except YOU! Yes he was in my homegirls face” 

The heated exchange continued, eventually escalating to claims that Offset was allegedly intimate with rapper Saweetie, 29, who dated his Migos group member Quavo, 31. Lloyd tweeted,

“@iamcardib and yea let’s not talk about husbands since ya husband F*CKED SAWEETIE!”
He continued,

“Let’s really unpack the Migos break up and beef. Let’s get to the actual root I tried to let it go but she won’t stop! So yea”

The fan added,

“I’m still gaggin at you blatantly lying about OFFSET FCKN SAWEETIE. That’s the tea I want you to rear in on! You keep trynna go on about this $$ u owe them girls for ya man fckn Rachel and getting them attacked! WE OFF THAT”

Cardi denied the allegations and said,

“No baby you lying ! You makin crazy lies starting sh*t and putting female rappers in it WIT NO RECEIPTS,no blog ever spoke on this all of a sudden you come out of jail 5 days ago and you made up for lied in 2 hours wit NO RECEIPTS!”

After a few hours of going at it, Lloyd took to Instagram Live to address the various claims.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely