Exonerated 5’s Raymond Santana On Divorce From Estranged Wife Deelishis: I Was A Great Husband & Father To Kids That Weren’t Mine

Raymond Santana, Deelishis

Exonerated 5’s Raymond Santana On Divorce From Estranged Wife Deelishis: I Was A Great Husband & Father To Kids That Weren’t Mine 

Looks like Raymond Santana is standing up for himself following divorce from reality TV star Deelishis

Back in March of this year, news broke that Raymond Santana, 48, filed for divorce from Flavor Of Love star Chandra ‘Deelishis’ Davis, 44, after two years of marriage. Santana, who gained immense fame following the release of Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us – which told the story of Santana and 4 teenage friends who were wrongly sentenced to prison for rape in 1989 – began dating the internet personality back in 2019. The two were engaged just two short months after. Now, Santana is declaring he’s “more than someone who was married to a reality star” and is ready to tell his side of things.

Deelishis, Raymond Santana

Captioning a picture of himself on Instagram, the public figure wrote:

I was a great HUSBAND and FATHER to kids who weren’t mines.. I gave my heart to some one who didn’t deserve me let alone love me… I know what I bring to the table..I have a whole lot of LOVE to give.. and im here for it.. for those running there mouths.. remember Im the one who petitioned for the divorce.. not her..#newchapter#newlove#Goddid#draftedbygod..”

Following news of the divorce, Deelishis publicly accused her then husband of being a narcissist and serial cheater. The TV personality was then forced to fend off backlash, with many social media users accusing of her of being a gold digger. Her rebuttal was that she wasn’t the one who ended the marriage, which Santana recently confirmed.

It seems some, however, began to tie Santana’s identity solely to his marriage with Deelishis, much to his dissatisfaction. Reposting a conversation he was pat of recently, which also featured former Black Ink Crew star Ceasar, he continued:

“I fight against a system that is trying to lock our children up..they rather have them occupy a prison cell then a college dorm..
•I travel across the country speaking at universities,high schools and prisons about my experience and being one of the Exonerated 5
•I help push legislation that will help protect our children
•I help to inspire a whole generation
And ya try to reduce me to just being married to a reality star
I’m bigger then that.. don’t try to change my narrative.. my purpose is bigger then that and I’m constantly working to help create change. Ya gonna respect my Assignment..”

It’s unclear at this time whether or not Santana plans to fully release the details of his divorce, but he is seemingly insuintining that Deelishis’ untruthfulness played a large role in their split.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson