Charlamagne Says His TV Show Wouldn’t Air His Full Ray J Interview: They’re Scared Of The Kardashians

Ray J, Charlamagne The God, Kardashian-Jenner clan

Charlamagne The God Says the ‘Kardashian-Jenner Mafia Got the TV World Shook’ After They Refuse to Air Full Interview W/ Ray J About Infamous Sex Tape Allegations

It been one Hell of a Week for Charlamagne The God and Ray J, literally.

The host of the Comedy Central series sat down with “I Hit It First” rapper on Thursday (September 22) to discuss allegations that he was “in cahoots” with the Kardashian-Jenner clan as it pertains to the infamous sex tape that some people believe launched the iconic family into stardom. With The Kardashians series recently returning to Hulu for its second season, the social media chatter between the parties appeared to be good press.

While there were some burning questions answered, Charlamagne The God said,

“We aired what we could. We’re going to have to bring Ray J on Breakfast Club or I’ll have to have him on Brilliant Idiots or sit down with him one on one to have a real conversation because the way Kardashians got TV executives shook … the way they have networks shook.  … It’s things Ray J said [that] like they wouldn’t even let us air, they’re scared of the raft of the Kardashians.”

He added,

“TV executives don’t want no problems with the Kardashian-Jenner mafia.”

While Ray J acknowledged that the cahoots idea makes sense and that it would have been more logical in that way, he refuted those claims.

He continued by pointing out that he is still making money off the sex tape today and that he has not been sued for anything linked to it — all of which he believes confirm his claims. He also criticized momager Kris Jenner as the mastermind of the distribution of the sex tape in an effort to help her own family but ruin his.

Ray J said,

“I just wanna clear my name, man. Even if that little small thing in there that gotta go. it’s I’m fighting for my kids to know that they daddy is a great person who respects everybody.”

Ray J and Kim Kardashian lookalike - I Hit It First video

In reference to claims that he was behind the original leak, Ray J continued,

“Put it like this, if what they saying I did is true, then why didn’t you never sue me? I’ve never been sued. I’ve never had a complaint. … That’s just facts, right? And there’s so many more things. It’s just now, now I’m not gon’ yell it out. Now I’m going directly to the source.”

He added,

“There’s gon’ be some legal stuff happening. … Just think about it like this, without me just going through all the facts, right? I said what I said, I said what I said. It’s crickets over there. No response. Nothing. How long has it been? Like, two weeks. Silence. Nothing.”

As previously reported, the “One Wish” singer posted receipts on Instagram earlier this month that appeared to show his innocence in the release of his sex tape with SKIMS founder/reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Ray J was also took problem with a recent lie detector test from Kris Jenner, in which she insisted she had nothing to do with the 2005 sex tape leak.

Kim Kardashian, Ray J - thejasminebrand

Ray J later came back and accused Kris Jenner of getting him blocked from Instagram Live. He said,

“Kris Jenner, you working 24 hours to try to stop me, huh? Y’all don’t wanna respond to what I said but y’all wanna get me blocked from all the sites and banned from this and banned from that, but y’all don’t wanna respond though.”

What are your thoughts on the entire situation? Who do you believe was behind the initial leak? Let us know in the comments!


Authored by: S. G.