Summer Walker At Center Of Pregnancy Rumors, Internet Speculates She’s Expecting A Child w/ Actor Lil Meech 

Summer Walker, Lil Meech

Summer Walker At Center Of Pregnancy Rumors, Internet Speculates She’s Expecting A Child w/ Actor Lil Meech

Summer Walker is trending, and it’s not because of her music!

The mother-of-three is currently on-again with BMF star Lil Meech — real name Demetrius Flenory Jr. — and word on the street is she’s pregnant with his child.

Beyond her musical prowess, Summer Walker has built a reputation for entangling herself in relationships with guys deemed “no good,” and X users didn’t hold back as they reacted to rumors that she’s possibly carrying Lil Meech‘s baby.

One X user said,

“Summer Walker being pregnant by Meech is crazy but also being on your third bd & your 3 kids are under 3 yet is insane. Not to mention you already having 2 deadbeat bds. Some ppl refuse to learn their lessons lol”

summer walker, meech

Another user added,

“I think Summer Walker being pregnant by Meech is a rumor but I wouldn’t be surprised if.. that’s the same [bird] who said she gets and stays in toxic relationships so she can create good music lol”

summer walker, meech

According to another X user,

“If summer walker really is pregnant by lil meech i will be inclined to believe she has a breeding kink”

summer walker, meech

Summer Walker and Meech began dating in May, but their love story was cut short when the actor/rapper was allegedly caught cheating just a few months later.

The “Constant Bullsh*t” singer unleashed a series of heated Instagram Stories in August, seemingly accusing the actor of sleeping with another woman. Less than 24 hours later, a video from a Ring doorbell showed Meech entering a woman’s apartment and exiting 17 minutes later.

After the video went viral, Meech took to social media to share his side of the story. At the time, he said,

“Damn, I can’t help my cousin bring the bags in the house? We went to the grocery store, man.”

However, as of at least Nov. 4, the pair has seemingly patched things up, with Summer sharing a photo of Meech kissing her on the cheek on her Instagram Story, followed by another of them standing in similar jean outfits.

Summer Walker, Lil Meech

Summer currently shares a two-year-old daughter, Princess Bubbles, with ex-boyfriend/producer London on da Track. She also gave birth to twin boys earlier this year with her ex-boyfriend Larry.

While the singer previously celebrated being a mother of three before the age of 30, social media users just don’t seem to share her same level of excitement.

summer walker, meech

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Authored by: S. G.