‘Mike’ Star Russell Hornsby Defends Hulu Biopic Following Mike Tyson’s Criticism: We Did Not Try To Glorify Him & We Did Not Try To Demonize Him

‘Mike’ Star Russell Hornsby Defends Hulu Biopic Following Mike Tyson’s Criticism: We Did Not Try To Glorify Him & We Did Not Try To Demonize Him


It looks like another actor from the Hulu biopic, ‘Mike’ is speaking out and defending the series following Mike Tyson’s criticism.

While Mike Tyson, 56, has been very vocal about his disdain for the eight-episode series about his life, ‘Mike’ actor Russell Hornsby–who stars as boxing promoter Don King–said that he and the cast tried their best to honor the boxing legend. He explained,

“We try to honor Mike Tyson and show some truths about his life…He is not the first one to have a grievance about how he is portrayed in film or how he may be portrayed in books.”

russell hornsby

Russell continued,

“This is a no-holds-barred look at Tyson and his life and you have to take the crooked with the straight…We did not try to glorify him and we did not try to demonize him. I think what we had intended to do was tell his story.”

As previously reported, Mike Tyson claims Hulu stole the rights to his life story and he doesn’t approve of their new series ‘Mike’. Despite the disapproval of Tyson, the biographic series starring Trevante Rhodes still premiered as planned on Thursday, August 25th.

Earlier this month, on Aug. 5, Tyson took to social media to address the situation with the network, explaining how they allegedly refused to pay him for making a series about his life.

The 56-year-old said:

“Hulu tried to desperately pay my brother @danawhite millions without offering me a dollar to  promote their slave master take over story about my life. He turned it down because he honors friendship and treating people with dignity.  I’ll never forget what he did for me just like I’ll never forget what Hulu stole from me. ”


Even with all of Mike Tyson’s animosity, Russell Hornsby said he would happily embrace a meeting with the legend.

“If I was to bump into Mike Tyson I don’t think that he would have a problem with me personally. I don’t think his problem is with me [it’s] with others. My feeling with Mike and Don [King] is that I did not look to denigrate them. I didn’t look to cast aspersions … I looked to honor Don King and his legacy and what he meant to the world of boxing.”

This isn’t the first time that an actor from the Hulu biopic has spoken out in defense of the project.

Following Mike Tyson’s post, actor Trevante Rhodeswho plays Tyson in the biopic– took to Instagram to respond to the heavyweight champions’ recent Hulu allegations. Trevante Rhodes said:

“Just as there is an inside there is an outside. I understand. I am a fan as well, obviously.”

Mike Tyson, Trevante Rhodes

Rhodes continued:

“As Champ honored the great. Alexander the Great in his way, I honor him in mine with my intelligence, my heart & my time. Perspective is everything. Perspective is everything. What’s bigger than a name? The education of a vein.”

Rhodes added:

“Never in vain. Never in vain. Never in vain. Never in vain.”

The 32-year-old continued:

“Lulu you should consider prompting their project too, to see multiple perspectives of a process is a true truth.”

Rhodes added:

“I too hope to live a process unprocessed. Inspired & inspiring. Bless. Hope ya’ll dig our Art. Aug 25.”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole