Bre Tiesi, Nick Cannon’s Baby’s Mother, Fires Off At Social Media User For Suggesting The Entertainer Should Pay For A Night Nurse So She Can Sleep: Nick Is Not My Sugar Daddy

Bre Tiesi, Nick Cannon’s Baby’s Mother, Fires Off At Social Media User For Suggesting The Entertainer Should Pay For A Night Nurse So She Can Sleep: Nick Is Not My Sugar Daddy

Famed influencer Bre Tiesi wants people to pay up or shut up!

Recently, Bre Tiesi, who just welcomed a beautiful baby boy with actor-comedian Nick Cannon, took to her Instagram to share some of the everyday mommy struggles that she has been experiencing lately.

In a series of clips on her story, she revealed that she hadn’t had the opportunity to sleep in 72 hours, due to her little one’s ongoing bout with teething.

Bre Tiesi, Nick Cannon

Bre Tiesi said:

“Just to summarize, I haven’t slept in like three days because he’s just been screaming his little head off. Not really sure why, [the] doctor said he’s fine. I think that he might be teething early, [that’s] what we thought. So we’re gonna see.”

The Selling Sunset star continued,

“But anyways, this morning, my aunt came to help me, and she put my Ember, like reheatable, charger mug, in the microwave. [And] she spilled an entire Haakaa full of milk, and [my baby] just won’t stop screaming unless he’s on my boob, so good f*ckin’ morning!”

Bre Tiesi

Following Tiesi’s comments, a fellow social media user hopped in her DMs and suggested the idea of a night nurse stepping in to help pull some of the weight. However, the 31-year-old quickly asked if the individual would be coughing up some coins to go with her advice. The fan responded by mentioning that the cost would fit her baby’s father, Nick Cannon, pockets perfectly.

Nick Cannon with newborn Legendary

Tiesi posted the private exchange to her account as well, with an additional message telling the public to not speak about her parenting skills or her child’s dad ever again. She also made it clear that, although she and Nick Cannon have a son together, he’s, indeed, not her money machine.

via indigogloves on Twitter

She then addressed the situation in another post, where she doubled down on the angle that she was coming from in her original videos and insisted that she was not complaining or crying out for help–despite the narratives that were being pushed.

Tiesi wrote:

“Not sure how ANYTHING I was saying had to do with needing a night nurse or Nick at all. Funny how y’all only take me popping off but not the actual stories. If you showed the full thing, you would see her message unwarranted and I was LAUGHING at what occurred.”

She added,

“Regardless of working, I want every minute with my son. Why would I have someone else do it? All I was sharing was a hard moment as a mom, being honest, where after not sleeping and working, it was just one more thing after the other and was making FUN [of it]. NOONE was complaining and NOONE was talking about Nick.”

Tiesi also (seemingly) reposted the stories, breaking down what she meant in each clip, exactly.

If you didn’t know, Tiesi’s son makes Nick Cannon’s eighth member of the Cannon clan. Cannon has two sets of twins with iconic songstress Mariah Carey and DJ Abby De La Rosa. Additionally, he has two children and one on the way with model Brittany Bell. His seventh child was with singer-songwriter Alyssa Scott, but unfortunately, the pair lost their five-month-old to a brain tumor.

Earlier this month, the Wild ‘N Out host announced that he and The Price Is Right’s Lanisha Cole birthed a baby girl, which makes number ten.

Nick Cannon, LaNisha Cole, Onyx Cannon

Social media weighed in on Bre Tiesi’s remarks on balancing motherhood! See what they had to say below…

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell