DaniLeigh & Radio Personality Kendra G Settle Beef Over Interview [VIDEO]

DaniLeigh, Kendra G

DaniLeigh & Radio Personality Kendra G Settle Beef Over Interview [VIDEO]

Singer DaniLeigh and Chicago radio host Kendra G have settled their differences following an apparent mix-up putting together an interview.

As previously mentioned, yesterday (October 3) 107.5 WCGI host Kendra G called out DaniLeigh for allegedly requesting to have her removed from an interview she was set to do during her stay in the city.


In a now-deleted video, the 42-year-old TV and radio personality didn’t hold back in response to the R&B artist’s alleged attempt. Kendra G said,

“DaniLeigh’s in the city of Chicago. I don’t know why. Probably a high school appearance. But she was set to do an interview with the ‘Morning Show’ and she requested that I, Kendra G, be removed from the interview because she was uncomfortable talking to me.”

Kendra G

Kendra went on to share that she broadcasted her support for DaniLeigh when she was going through her public falling out with her ex-boyfriend and child’s father, DaBaby, 30. She explained,

“I actually been on the radio defending your honor. I really felt a way when your baby daddy played you in that infamous IG Live and I defended you on the radio.”

DaniLeigh, DaBaby

Kendra continued to go in on the 27-year-old “Easy” singer’s past controversy surrounding becoming DaBaby’s baby mama and said,

“You know what, I would’ve asked all those questions because it’s my job. It’s what I do. I ask the questions that the people want to know. Maybe, you should focus on your job being in the studio and making hits and we could talk about your music and not your personal life. That’s not my fault that your personal life is more interesting than your music. That’s your fault.”

Kendra added,

“So with that being said, sit your goofy a** down. Enjoy Chicago while you’re here.”

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Following the clip going viral, Dani spoke out via her IG stories and denied the accusations. She wrote,

“ok this isn’t true … wassuppppp y’all??? whaaats going onn? i’ve never heard anything about this

Despite Dani being against the claims, Kendra made another post to let her fans know she has “no reason to lie.”

Earlier today (October 4), the two took to Instagram to share that they’ve since made amends and the situation was a misunderstanding. In a video posted to their accounts, the ladies addressed the interview and said someone on Dani’s team spoke for her and said she didn’t want to be interviewed by Kendra. The artist denied the accusations and said she was unaware that her team spoke for her. The radio host said,

“Women can talk and figure things out. We both were telling our truths. As in, she genuinely didn’t know about the interview, her team genuinely conveyed that she did not want me apart of the interview which then prompt me to do that video and girl you can hate me for life I understand. If you hate me for life after that I understand.”

Kendra shared,

“I will say this there’s no joy in my heart in that energy that that video brought to you. I don’t have joy in my heart. It was just that that was my truth. This is what I do. For someone to speak on her behalf and tell my radio station that she’s not comfortable interviewing with me she’ll do it with other people, you know I’m going to go hard in the paint.”

Kendra continued,

“… When I feel like I’m being attacked I’m gonna attack. I just want to say yes we talked. People behind the scenes did some things they shouldn’t of did.”

Dani chimed in and said,

“At all. Speaking for me which I was not aware.”


Kendra added,

“Lets change that energy I sent out yesterday. Let’s change the energy and send love and show that women can have conversations, get to the bottom of it, and figure out a way to move forward in a positive light.”


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Authored by: Ariel Whitely