Love & Marriage Huntsville — LaTisha Scott’s Mother Ms. Wanda Tries To Fight Melody Shari [WATCH]

Melody Shari, LaTisha Scott, Ms. Wanda

Love & Marriage Huntsville — LaTisha Scott’s Mother Ms. Wanda Tries To Fight Melody Shari [WATCH]

A physical altercation almost went down in Huntsville between “Love & Marriage” cast members Melody Shari and Ms. Wanda.

The latest episode of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” season 5 episode 5, featured the infamous incident that was partially captured on Instagram Live earlier this year. The drama seemingly started after “LAMH” star Melody Shari arrived at an event and took the opportunity to confront Ms. Wanda, co-star LaTisha Scott’s mother, over questionable comments she made about her child.

Melody Shari

Ms. Wanda, who was catering the event, was approached by Melody Shari (formerly Melody Holt) about the comments and lies she allegedly made regarding the paternity of her baby girl. When Melody stepped to Wanda, full-blown chaos broke out in the parking lot between the stars of the OWN network reality series.

Melody Holt, Martell Holt, LaTisha Scott, Ms. Wanda

After being escorted into the building in hopes of de-escalating the situation, Wanda escaped out the back door and made an unsuccessful attempt to charge Melody from behind.

As previously mentioned, reality TV star Melody checked in with fans via Instagram Live during the crazy event where LaTisha Scott was present with her mother, Wanda, apparently selling food and spices.

LaTisha Scott, Ms. Wanda

The producers reportedly told Melody to end her live video during the incident, but the Instagram camera continued to roll. In the midst of their screaming match, Wanda told Melody to “tell the truth” about her real baby daddy. Insults were thrown, fingers were in faces, and neither woman backed down.

As you may already know, Melody shares four children with fellow reality star Martell Holt. The pair finalized their divorce in March 2021.

Martell, his ex-wife Melody, and their kids

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely