Restraining Orders & Nasty Claims From Matt Kemp’s Ex-Girlfriend Hit (AGAIN), Triggered By Khloé Kardashian Rumors

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There’s a serious microscope on LA Dodgers Matt Kemp. Over the weekend, rumors swirled that the 28-year-old is now dating Khloe Kardasian. What initially triggered the report is that Matt tweeted a photo of the HUGE Jenner-Kardashian Christmas tree. And according to, Khloé already seems smitten with Matt. A source told the site:

Khloé and Matt are dating, but it’s not serious yet. But Khloé’s already acting like she’s in love… Khloé’s like that; she loves hard, but she moves on quick.

There have also been a few spottings of the two together. Over the weekend, photogs caught them following each other, in separate cars, headed to the gym. So what’s the big fuss? Radar Online reports that Matt’s ex-girlfriend, Felisha Terrell, has some unpleasant claims about him. Allegedly, she served him a restraining claiming he stalked, intimidated, and verbally abused her in court papers. Filed back in 2008, Felisha claimed she suffered “constant verbal abuse and threats” after breaking up with Kemp. She added:

He repeatedly made me scared and gets in my face asserting some power/authority. He brings his friends driving up and down the street to try and intimidate me. I am very fearful. He has other people calling me, stalking me, and I feel very scared for my safety.

She also claims that she was subjected to especially “erratic behavior when he drinks and/or smokes marijuana” and was afraid of him.

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Things get even more strange when Felisha vacated the restraining order, releasing a statement from her rep stating the contrary. When the charges became public in 2010 as Kemp began dating Rihanna, Terrell’s reps released a statement that read,

Felisha Terrell and Matt Kemp lived together and were in a relationship for over a year where they both cared for one another. During the course of the relationship there was a restraining order filed by Felisha but it had nothing to do with domestic violence and to be clear Matt was never physically abusive to Felisha, nor did she fear for her life. The restraining order was subsequently vacated. They both have moved on separately but remain amicable.

Matt’s camp weighed in as well, saying,

She chose to file a complaint and shortly thereafter, on her own accord, decided to drop it…. She has very recently said that she has no issue whatsoever with Matt and that she and Matt consider this to be a non-issue. Matt Kemp is a consummate Midwestern gentleman who has never displayed any act of violence towards a woman.

Now if this story sounds familiar, it’s because it came out in 2010, when Rihanna and Matt started dating.

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If Khloe and Matt continue to date, we can expect even MORE stories to hit (true or not).