Kevin Hart Reveals That His Father Passed Away In A Heartfelt Tribute [CONDOLENCES]

Kevin Hart Reveals That His Father Passed Away In A Heartfelt Tribute [CONDOLENCES]

Kevin Hart has revealed that his father, Henry Witherspoon, has passed away.

On Wednesday (Oct. 12), Kevin Hart took to Instagram to share the sad news of his father’s passing. In a heartfelt tribute, the comedian wrote:

RIP to one of the realest & rawest to ever do it…Love you dad. Gone but never forgotten….Give mom a hug for me….y’all did good man. Thank you for everything….I’m a better father because of you. We will all make you proud….”

Several of Kevin Hart’s famous friends including Ludacris, T.I., The Rock, and Lee Daniels gave their condolences and sent well-wishes to the ‘True Story‘ actor.

T.I. commented on the heartbreaking post:

“Love and Respect to you and your family…. Our Deepest condolences King”

The Rock also sent his friend and co-star a loving message:

“Luv u I’m here”

Back in 2017, Kevin Hart opened up during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and got candid about how he learned to forgive and repair his once-strained relationship with his father, and how he learned to be a better dad through his own father’s mistakes. He explained,

“My kids actually think I’m the coolest dad on the planet … I know why I am the way that I am, my dad has a lot to do with that — the mistakes that my dad made, you know, the decisions to do drugs, being in and out of jail, in and out of our lives. I saw firsthand what not being present did and because of that, I now know what being present means. I know what that can do, I know what effect it can have on your child coming up.”

Hart continued by stressing the importance of remaining positive despite his past rocky relationship with his father.

“Now, I was strong enough to deal with it coming up because I have a different attitude, I’m a positive guy. I choose to go positive instead of negative a lot and because of that, my relationship with my dad is amazing now! And my dad understands how I feel and how I look at things, and now my dad is focusing on being the best grandparent that he possibly can.”

Our condolences go out to Kevin Hart and his family during this difficult time. 

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Authored by: Monique Nicole