Mo’Nique Says Whoopi Goldberg Told Her ‘Get Rid Of Your Husband’ + Says Drama W/ Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry & Oprah Cost Her ‘Millions’

Mo’Nique Says Whoopi Goldberg Told Her ‘Get Rid Of Your Husband’ + Says Drama W/ Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry & Oprah Cost Her ‘Millions’

Mo’Nique isn’t staying quiet about her issues with some of Hollywood’s A-Listers.  The 52-year-old comedian and actress spoke on her problems with Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry recently. As previously reported,  Mo’Nique has had ongoing feuds with Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry that stem from problems that occurred when they all collaborated for the film Precious back in 2009. Reportedly, this fallout led to Mo’Nique being “blackballed” from Hollywood.

During an interview on Fox Soul’s Out Loud With Claudia Jordan, Mo’Nique also discussed her issues with Whoopi Goldberg and shared a time when “The View” co-host gave her some disheartening advice. According to Mo’Nique, Whoopi blamed the Precious fallout on Mo’Nique’s husband/manager Sidney Hicks. Whoopi allegedly said,

“It’s your husband, you gotta get rid of your husband…Listen, you better stop worrying about that little girl coming behind you. And you better worry about you.”

Whoopi Goldberg, Mo’Nique and Husband Sidney Hicks

Mo’Nique also revealed that there is audio footage of Tyler Perry saying that she did nothing wrong. She even claimed that Tyler Perry offered to pay her money so that the issue between them could go away. Mo’Nique said,

“When you hear this man saying ‘you did nothing wrong Mo’Nique, and when my movie comes out, (Boo! A Madea Halloween), I’m going to tell the world that you did nothing wrong’… First he wanted to pay me $500,000 for this go away. Tyler Perry, keep your money, just clear my name. I’ve worked too hard for my name.”

As for whether she regretted telling Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry to “suck [her] d***” during a 2017 comedy show, Mo’Nique said:

“No, I don’t. Real talk, I don’t regret it. Because for so long, people in “power” feel like I can use you like a piece of trash and ball you up and throw you away when I’m done with you. For me, that stage is my therapy. That night I had to say it because they were sitting by watching my career be snatched.”

Mo’Nique later revealed that this entire ordeal has cost her and her family millions of dollars as she added:

“It’s cost us generational money.”

Mo’Nique then assured that she will not stop talking about this matter until it is resolved.

“As long as I have breath in my body, and as long as they don’t fix this, I will keep speaking and I will keep fighting for my family.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole