Ray J & Kanye West Spotted In Photo Together At Candace Owens’ Anti-Black Lives Matter Documentary Screening

Ray J & Kanye West Spotted In Photo Together At Candace Owens’ Anti-Black Lives Matter Documentary Screening

Ray J and Kanye West are (seemingly) letting bygones be bygones… including their ex in common, Kim Kardashian.

If you hadn’t heard, recently, Ray J and Kanye West were both among the attendees at political commentator Candace Owens’ official screening for her (anti) Black Lives Matter documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Candace Owens

Upon enjoying the festivities of the critical night, guests gathered on the red carpet for photo ops, and Ray J and Kanye West didn’t hesitate to flick it up with Candace Owens, MMA phenomenon Colby Covington, and even another quick pose with famed musician Kid Rock.

Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Kanye West

In each of the images, the controversial men are seen in formal attire, with not much of an expression but cordial stances. An inside source reported that Candace Owens brought the two together to spite Kim Kardashian. Just the other day, Owens took to her podcast to expose a nasty, decade-old voicemail that Kim Kardashian sent to Ray J in regards to his then-rumored romance with singer Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston (circa 2008)

Of course, it’s unclear if any conversation was had off the scene and behind the camera, but, from the looks of it, there obviously wasn’t any bad blood. The professional snapshot(s) can be seen here.

Many were shocked at West and the Raycon founder’s mutual sighting, seeing as though it was assumed that they were at odds on the account of their former partner, Ms. Kardashian.

Ray J and Kardashian were an item back in 2003. The pair’s leaked sex tape still serves as one of the most contentious of all time. West began dating Kardashian in 2012 and married in 2014. In February 2021, Kardashian filed for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.” They share four children together.

Back in 2016, the “Donda 2” lyricist mentioned Ray J in his song “Highlights,” which was featured on his seventh album, The Life of Pablo.

West can be heard referencing Ray J’s 2013 track about his fling with Kardashian, “I Hit It First.”

“I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we ain’t love the same b*tch. Yeah, he might have hit it first, only problem is I’m rich.”

Kim Kardashian

Earlier this year, Ray J accused West of lying about retrieving a version of his sex tape with Kardashian, West’s estranged wife. During an episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, West is seen delivering a suitcase with a laptop that allegedly concealed the intimate footage.

Kanye West

According to the 45-year-old, he had just collected the video for Ray J, himself, the night before. It was later claimed by the SKKN CEO that the clips were of nothing explicit but instead outings that she and Ray J had back in the day. Ray J responded to the viral scene in the show by deeming it all a lie and saying that he “can’t let them do this anymore.”

Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Kanye West

Toward the beginning of this month, the “One Wish” crooner also reacted to Diddy’s remarks about West’s ‘white lives matter’ shirt. West, along with Candace Owens, sported the tee amid a Yeezy showcase in Paris, sparking a social outcry. Diddy was one of many to call the rapper out on defaming statements against the Black community.

Candace Owens, Kanye West

Ray J wrote in his Instagram Stories:

“Yo Puff – I came to yo house and Told you a couple months ago I had some issues with certain [clowns] and ni**as was quiet – now all of a sudden.”

Although West and Ray J may be on okay terms, they’ve been very vocal about their disdain for the Kardashians. Lately, several claims have been made against Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, by the men.

West have slammed the ladies in multiple social media posts, as well as Ray J, who’s blaming them for orchestrating the exposal of his “porno” with 66-year-old Jenner’s daughter.

Kris Jenner

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell