Britney Spears Speaks Out Against Her Dad, Claims He Was ‘Trying To Kill’ Her During Her 13-Year Conservatorship


Britney Spears Speaks Out Against Her Dad, Claims He Was ‘Trying To Kill’ Her During Her 13-Year Conservatorship

Britney Spears shared that she feared for her life during her thirteen-year conservatorship.

Pop icon Britney Spears revealed more details of her thirteen-year conservatorship on Monday (October 17) in an audio clip shared with her 56 million Twitter followers. During the two-minute clip, Britney Spears addressed concerns that her father Jamie Spears was trying to kill her.

According to the “Lucky” singer, she was once sent off to a secret mental health facility. Britney explained that she had three MRIs, all of which were an hour long, and she was highly suspicious of the whole ordeal from the start.

“The whole thing didn’t make sense. [I didn’t understand] the isolation, the nurses, the vials of blood, the constant communication. I was really kind of confused.”

Britney added that she thought she was being treated for a new kind of cancer, but eventually linked the ordeal to her dad, Jamie Spears, having a hidden agenda. She said,

“None of that was true. I’m fine. I’m alive… The hardest thing is to know that they were just being mean and that I really felt like my dad was trying to kill me. And I hope he burns in f*ck*ng hell.”


She also let off steam in a Twitter thread detailing the consequences she’d like her father to face after years of the alleged abuse. Jamie Spears was formerly Britney’s conservator — a guardian or protector appointed to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another person due to physical or mental limitations.

Britney Spears and Parents

Following a stormy court battle, however, it was revealed that Jamie Spears severely abused his role while Britney’s entire family benefitted from the mismanagement. Britney was freed from her conservatorship in November 2021 after thirteen years, officially allowing the singer to make her own decisions about her personal life and finances.

In her Twitter rant Britney said:

“I’m posting this for the second time today because I believe in a world where we all deserve justice !!! 15 years in a system of secretive and manipulative abuse … JUST ENDING IT has never been good enough for me and it will never be !!! I was talked to abusively and punished. They hurt me and I did absolutely nothing wrong … I have no justice at all in my eyes … at all !!! The court system ended it TWO YEARS after I told them about 15 years of my abuse …”

She continued:

“[My] wish is to take my father to a place… take his car away … his home away … his door to privacy away … sit him down 7 days a week from 8 am to 6 pm being asked questions and people treating him like a science experience … monitoring his food … no phone … nurses watch him shower and dress … I want him to go all through those things with no f*k*ng reason at all and have him call his family and they say WE DON’T KNOW !!!”

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Authored by: Sasha Lee