6ix9ine’s Probation Officer Will Be Served A Lawsuit By A Lawyer Desperate To Locate The Rapper Regarding A Trademark Infringement Over His Stage Name

6ix9ine’s Probation Officer Will Be Served A Lawsuit By A Lawyer Desperate To Locate The Rapper Regarding A Trademark Infringement Over His Stage Name

A rapper named Six9 is taking legal action against 6ix9ine over a trademark infringement dispute.

According to court documents, attorney David Chase LanCarte was approved to serve Tekashi 6ix9ine’s probation officer, Sandra Osman, with a lawsuit. David Chase LanCarte is representing an artist named Six9, born Warren Hamilton, in a legal battle over 6ix9ine’s stage name.

David LanCarte explained:

“Since I was admitted pro hac vice to appear and represent Plaintiff in the reference case, I have worked diligently to locate and serve Defendant Hernandez to no avail.” 

LanCarte added:

 “I have also provided status updates to the Court concerning Plaintiffs efforts to try and serve Defendant Hernandez. Despite, Plaintiffs best efforts, Plaintiff has been unable to serve Defendant Hernandez who appears to be constantly on the move and surrounded by security.”

The attorney’s initial plan was to serve 6ix9ine’s, born Daniel Hernandez, lawyers but he faced issues in doing so. Mainly because attorney Robert Meloni and his law firm decided to stop representing the controversial rapper. LanCarte noted:

“On October 7, 2022, Attorney Robert Meloni filed a response with this Court, explaining that he no longer represents Mr. Hernandez, that he is withdrawing from every federal and state case that he represents Mr. Hernandez in, that Mr. Meloni does not have any way of contacting Mr. Hernandez, that Mr. Meloni does not know Mr. Hernandez current or last-known address, that Mr. Hernandez does not have an email address, that Mr. Hernandez does not have a business attorney, business manager, or personal manager, and that therefore the proposed alternative service on Mr. Meloni would not give Mr. Hernandez notice of the present action.” 

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Robert Meloni’s withdrawal forced LanCarte to find another way to serve the Brooklyn native. LanCarte wrote:

“Given that personal service on Defendant Hernandez has become even more frustrated by Mr. Meloni’ s withdrawal as counsel and inability to communicate with Defendant Hernandez, Plaintiff has amended his motion for alternative service and requested that the Court now allow for alternative service on Defendant Hernandez by serving Defendant Hernandez’s probation officer, United States Probation Officer Sandra A. Osman of the Southern District of New York.” 

LanCarte continued:

“For the reasons given in Plaintiffs amended motion for alternative service, such proposed service is reasonably calculated to provide quick and sufficient notice to Defendant Hernandez of this present action.”

He added:

 “Plaintiffs request for an extension of time to serve Defendant Hernandez is not sought for delay, but so that justice can be done and the proceedings before this Court can move forward efficiently and without any further delay.”

On Monday (Oct. 17) U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres granted the request, extending the deadline for serving the 26-year-old until December 18.

Tekashi 6ix9ine

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill