Diddy Gets Into A Heated Argument W/ ‘Power’ Actor Michael Ferguson: Don’t F*ck*ng Play With Me On Halloween!

P. Diddy, Michael Ferguson

 Diddy Gets Into A Heated Argument W/ ‘Power’ Actor Michael Ferguson: Don’t F*ck*ng Play With Me On Halloween!

P. Diddy posed as the Joker for Halloween but there was nothing funny about his recent conversation with Michael J. Ferguson.

P. Diddy was in the spirit yesterday (Oct. 30) as he nailed Heath Ledger’s Joker for Halloween. However, Michael J. Ferguson found nothing hilarious about it. Halloween became a little spooky once  a viral video of P. Diddy, born Sean Combs, almost getting into a tussle with “Power” actor, Michael J. Ferguson surfaced the internet. Standing face to face with the “Bad Boy Records” founder, Michael reiterated three times:

“He’s p*ssy!”

Michael looked Puff in the face and clarified:

“You n*gg*!”

Michael Ferguson

Diddy got into character and blurted out his famous Joker laugh. Letting his security intervene, the 52-year-old stepped back and said:

“You’re a clown!”

The Harlem native continued:

“What’s up baby? What’s up? You don’t like me?”

Turning off his Joker voice, Diddy gave “2-Bit” a taste of his New York accent. He added:

“Then m*th*rf*ck*ng get to it n*gg*! If you don’t like me and you m*th*rf*ck*ng frontin get to it b*tch! Don’t f*ck*ng play with me on Halloween! I been out here with love n*gg*!”

Refusing to back down, Michael asked:

“So what’s up?”

Diddy, who goes by the pseudonym “Love,” responded:

“F*ck*ng come over here and I’ll bust you in yo’ sh*t! F*ck*ng p*ssy! Make sure you don’t never talk to me like that n*gg*. I’m Love n*gg*”

Changing his energy, the “Gotta Move On” artist asked:

“Yo, we having a good time why you wanna come at my like that God? Me and you got a problem? You really taking over my energy right now?”

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Michael said:

“Yeah. I am.”

Diddy wondered:

“So what did I do to you? You know who I am? Do you know who I am?”

Introducing himself he shared:

“It’s Puff come here and give me a hug though.”

As the men seemingly made up, Diddy added:

“You lucky though n*gg*. I’m really ‘bout that.”

Michael disclosed:

“I’m with it too though.”

Going back to the Joker’s character, Diddy laughed:

“But I love you, and we’re together! We stronger together!”

Michael continued:

“I’m with whatever!”

Diddy invited the actor to an after party with the intention of changing his energy. He said:

“Come to the after party and change your vibrations.”

Michael added:

“I’m with it!”

Click the link below to see footage from last night’s verbal altercation between “2-Bit” and Puff:

The record producer took to Instagram after his verbal altercation went viral to explain what took place last night. Commenting under the post on “TheShadeRoom” Diddy announced:

“Had a fun night. It’s all love. Hugged like black kings should do when it comes to some b*llisht”

He added:

“Love love love.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill