B. Simone Responds To Backlash After Revealing She Doesn’t Shower Everyday: Y’all Want Me To Be In The Shower So Bad!

B. Simone

B. Simone Responds To Backlash After Revealing She Doesn’t Shower Everyday: Y’all Want Me To Be In The Shower So Bad!

Actress/comedian B. Simone has the internet buzzing!

The social media personality caused a frenzy earlier today (Nov. 17), after recently admitting she doesn’t always shower on the daily. B. Simone, real name Braelyn Simone, 32, made the now viral revelation during a conversation on her podcast “Know For Sure.”

During the episode, which features Simone’s regular co-host Megan Brooks and a guest appearance by fellow comedian Desi Banks, the trio were discussing personal characteristics they could stand to change. After declaring she could use more “feminine decorum” but doesn’t think she’s a nasty person, Simone looks to Brooks, her best friend of 20+ years, who subsequently says “well I know you.”

The moment leads the Wild N’ Out comedian to ask her bestie what she does that’s nasty, and though Brooks immediately refuses to answer, Simone follows with

“What? That I don’t shower everyday? I don’t shower everyday.”

B. Simone

The social influencer goes on to reveal that her busy schedule leads her to routinely skip a day between showers. Fans and critics were quick to debate the viral moment via social media. While many were heavily critical of Simone’s bathing practices, some came to the comedian’s defense.

Many users believe the entertainer made the comment as a way to have a viral moment and get people to discuss her. Whether or not this theory is accurate, Simone certainly took advantage of the situation. The entertainer went live in the shower following the post blowing up, marketing a 50% sale of her beauty line B. Simone Beauty. Responding to the backlash, the comedian sang lyrics from Outkast’s “So Fresh So Clean,” and stated:

“Girl I’m in the shower. D*mn, y’all want me to be in the shower so bad, it’s like ‘Okay I’m in the shower everything’s fresh’ gah d*mn!” 

B. Simone

She continued:

“I’m doing y’all a favor, y’all do me a favor….bsimonebeauty.com use the shower promo code shower50 for 50% off the whole website. Y’all know why I chose the number 50, cause 50% of y’all is lying in them comments”

Which side of showering daily are you more inclined to agree with? Give us your thoughts in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson