Comedian B. Simone Reveals She Experienced Her First Orgasm ‘Ever In Life’ Last Month

B. Simone

B. Simone Reveals She Experienced Her First Orgasm ‘Ever In Life’ Last Month

Entrepreneur and entertainer B. Simone is keeping it all the way candid about her sex life.

On Monday evening (May 2) B. Simone, 32, took to Twitter to share with fans an interesting fun fact and update on her current sexual behavior after being celibate for 10 months. In the tweet, B. Simone weighs in on her first experience having an orgasm for her nearly quarter million followers. She tweeted,

“Fun fact:

I had my 1st orgasm ever in life last month. I’ve been celibate for 10
months…what does that tell you?” 

After meeting with an intimacy coordinator/sex educator, B. Simone, real name Braelyn Simone, reflects on what she was taught about the women’s body. She continued,

“I met this lady she’s an intimacy coordinator/sex educator. She has
taught me so much and it’s so cool to learn things that we just don’t learn. We just start having sex not knowing simple sh*t. I mean I’m h*lla late having and orgasm (I’m not talking bout that) but other stuff.” 

The comedian/actress also noted that the importance of knowing a woman’s body leads to becoming educated on sexual intercourse. She explained,

“If I point to the clitoris on a diagram and ask 10 men what it was I promise you they all wouldn’t know. Please stop acting like you know everything about a woman’s body when in reality you’re not taking the time to learn.” 

She added,

“Fellas I hope you don’t think all these women are having orgasms lol they lie or just don’t say anything …. FYI not
ALL but A LOT!”


From there, B. Simone began engaging with fans online, where some assisted the internet personality with helpful tips on where to begin learning a woman’s body parts, while others insisted not making a woman orgasm wasn’t the case for them.

B. Simone wrapped up the intimate conversation by suggesting that she and her sex educator have an even more in-depth conversation on her podcast, “The Know For Sure Pod.” She said,

“So much cap on this app! Please stop acting like you know everything about sex when you don’t know the name of all the body parts lol or the difference between ejaculation and orgasm you know what @miabuggzy let’s have a convo on the podcast!!!”

“The Know For Sure Pod” features B. Simone along with her best friend, assistant, and business partner, Megan Brooks. The pair share weekly stories and experiences for thought provoking and challenging conversations.

As previously reported, B. Simone revealed last month during an episode on her podcast that she had an abortion, where the two besties discussed her story and what the experience was like for them. “The Know For Sure Pod” is updated weekly and is currently available to stream on Apple Podcasts. Stay tuned for a possible conversation surrounding B. Simone’s tweets in a later episode.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely