Ex-MSBNC Host Tiffany Cross Vowed To ‘Take Down The Network’ Ahead Of Termination

Tiffany Cross

Ex-MSBNC Host Tiffany Cross Vowed To ‘Take Down The Network’ Ahead Of Termination

Tiffany Cross apparently knew she was being pushed out at MSNBC, and she wasn’t going down without a fight.

The former host of the now-canceled The Cross Connection reportedly became aware of the decision days before it was made. Allegedly, she frantically called other media professionals, journalists, and social activists a week before being fired in an effort to rally support because she wanted to bring down the cable TV network and its boss, Rashida Jones.

According to an insider,

“She made calls saying, ‘I’m going out in a blaze and I’m taking down the network and going after Rashida.'”

Tiffany Cross

Sources said MSNBC executives and Rashida Jones were unaware of the calls until after Tiffany Cross was fired. It’s unknown how she knew about the impending termination, but insiders theorized it may have happened while her agent was attempting to get his client a new contract.

Tiffany Cross‘ dismissal reportedly stemmed, in part, from her propensity for calling people names and making “vulgar” remarks on TV — and also because she racked up as much as $100,000 in costs for five-star hotel stays.

According to insiders, the host traveled to Los Angeles and the Super Bowl during her two years at MSNBC while presenting them as official business trips. Cross also reportedly irritated coworkers by asking for more air time even though her show aired once a week. Despite her public assurance that her numbers were strong, Nielsen claims her show averaged between 704,000 and 465,000 viewers each week since June.

Cross said in a statement following her resignation that her program had “more than 4.6 million monthly viewers” and was the “highest-rated weekend show” on MSNBC.

The anchor was intended to draw black viewers to MSNBC. A source close to the network said that the company’s executives became frustrated with Cross‘ tendency to criticize news hosts at other cable networks. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Megyn Kelly of Sirius XM, whom Cross referred to as a “black face expert,” and Bill Maher, whom she referred to as an “angry, white old man,” were among the people she’s had disputes with.

Since then, more than 40 black political and media figures have written Cross a letter of support in which they express their disapproval of MSBNC’s decision. President of the NAACP Derrick Johnson, President of Color of Change Rashad Robinson, and former ESPN star Jemele Hill all signed the letter, which read,

“We are deeply disappointed in the abrupt cancellation of the Cross Connection and the unexpected ouster of its host, just four days before a critical midterm election…Given the undeniable rise of fascism and persistent threats to democracy we face in the current moment, NBC should be an unrelenting force for truth and a safe harbor for voices like Ms. Cross as well as those with whom she shared her broad and popular platform.”

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