Trey Songz Accused Of Forcing Himself On Another Woman & Harassing Her After She Refused To Have Sex w/ Him: He Isolated Me, Tried To Make Out w/ Me, & Put His Hand In My Mouth

Trey Songz Accused Of Forcing Himself On Another Woman & Harassing Her After She Refused To Have Sex w/ Him: He Isolated Me, Tried To Make Out w/ Me, & Put His Hand In My Mouth

A new woman has come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against R&B singer Trey Songz.

Recently, a Twitter user by the name of Raychiel took to her account to open up about her own personal experience with Trey Songz’s alleged inappropriate behavior.

In the thread, she started off with,

“Trey tried to push up on me when I said no on the front end too & it wasn’t typical cat calling that you get everyday outside and sh*t he isolated me forced himself on me kissed me and tried to put his hand in my mouth they are not lying.”

According to Raychiel–who was producing music at the time–she and Trey Songz met after she’d sent him a few beats and sat in on one of his studio sessions.

“I sent trey beats because I used to produce & trey & other artists asked ME for a couple beats.”

Trey Songz

Subsequent to their business endeavors, Raychiel paid a visit to L.A. for a film casting, and the two ultimately reconnected via Instagram.

The model/actress then indicated that Songz invited her to an industry kickback. However, despite Raychiel’s platonic stance with the “Fumble” crooner, she expressed that he quickly attempted to mix professionalism with pleasure, and things grew extremely inapposite from there.

The alleged victim continued:

“We met off of those terms I actually was in the studio while he recorded a song, that night I came in to L.A. to get my stills for my imbd he seen me in L.A. on my IG tapped in I got invited to a industry kickback I made it clear before I even got there we are platonic & business.”


Although Songz allegedly assured Raychiel that there weren’t any erotic activities to worry about, the OnlyFans content creator claimed that, upon her arrival at the event, the 37-year-old cornered her and became sexually aggressive toward her.

She wrote in her tweet,

“He said ‘it’s not like that at all everyone here just chillin it’s a kick back’ I get there it’s him a producer two girls dark & he isolated me tried to make out with me & put his hand in my mouth we didn’t f*ck cause one thing about me I stick to my guns.”

Ultimately, Raychiel removed herself from the uncomfortable setting and declined Songz’s unruly, overbearing advances. She concluded by stating that she’d previously opted not to blast Songz to avoid getting bashed for it.

“I didn’t say sh*t cause people are so ignorant about victim blaming but it’s no way 60 girls should have to say a n*gga is a predator before we start to be like ‘you know what maybe he’s weird’ that’s sad.”


She elaborated on her current views on the situation, adding that the incident only affirmed the number of other accusations that have been pinned against him.

“Im not traumatized by it tbh this was more so to add validity to people still experiencing sh*t from him who are probably being doubted. I didn’t let him pressure me but I can see how girls not aggressive like me would cause he’s aggressive.”

Following Raychiel’s refusal to intimately engage with Songz, she said that he proceeded to harass her online.

No word from Songz or his team on the allegations has been given yet.

See the official thread below:

This is one of many claims of the “Bottoms Up” artist assaulting women. Just days ago, he was outed for brutally attacking a bowling alley employee, which he has since denied.

Trey Songz

At the top of this month, his civil suit for an alleged rape case was dismissed after the statute of limitations was found to have expired. Additionally, over the summer, he was cleared of a sexual assault case in Las Vegas.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell