Latto Trends After 130 Of Her Unreleased Songs Leak Online

Latto Trends After 130 Of Her Unreleased Songs Leak Online

Things might not be as secure as they need to be for Latto and her team. 

On Monday (Nov. 21) Latto became a trending topic after 130 of her unreleased songs leaked online. Despite the large security breach, the “It’s Givin” artist seems to be unbothered. While she didn’t directly address the situation, Latto did take to Twitter to capitalize on her trending status. Followed by three images flaunting her brown dress from her appearance at the American Music Awards, Latto, born Alyssa Stephens, simply wrote “trending” with a kiss emoji.


Latto’s music has seemingly been leaking little by little for over a week now. On Nov. 14, the 23-year-old took to TikTok to share a video of her dancing in a hot tub to one of the leaked tunes. In a caption, Latto shared:

“POV: Dancing to your leaked music for your man.”

Grammy-Award winner Cardi B recently took to her Instagram Live and requested that Latto officially release the song she was dancing to on her TikTok. Twerking to the track, Cardi B said:

“She needa put that out cause that sh*t is in my head.”

Following Latto’s latest leak, fans noticed that one of the unreleased tracks featured Latto rapping BIA’s chart-topping song “Whole Lotta Money,” which caused confusion over who penned the hit tune. BIA wasted no time clarifying things for fans. She shared that rapper/songwriter London Jae wrote the hook and she wrote the pre and verse. she added

“it’s not rocket science.” 

However, BIA’s explanation didn’t stop fans from flooding the internet with their opinions about the Ohio native’s leaked music. Some thought Nicki Minaj was to blame due to her recent Twitter beef with Latto

 As previously reported, on Oct. 13, the two rappers got into a heated dispute after it was reported that Nicki Minaj’s hit single “Super Freaky Girl” would not be considered for any rap categories at the 2023 Grammy Awards, but instead would be categorized as Pop.

Nicki Minaj expressed she didn’t agree with the decision, noting Latto’s hit song “Big Energy” — which has a similar pop sound as “Super Freaky Girl” — was submitted in the Grammy’s rap category.

Fans claim that there’s no coincidence of Latto’s music being leaked because Nicki Minaj threatened to do so during their October Twitter altercation. The “Queen of Hip-Hop” tweeted:

“Who wanna hear the reference tracks of scratch off ghost writers rapping her bars????? she used me & the Barbz in every interview until that album sold double wood. Now she wiping that spray tan off & being a Karen. They black when it’s beneficial chi.”

Meanwhile, others weighed in and said:


What are your thoughts on 130 of Latto’s unreleased songs being leaked? Share it with us in the comments below.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill