Lucky Daye Blasted For Being A ‘Deadbeat’ Father After Singer Shared Controversial Tweet: If I Get You A BBL I’m Putting An AirTag In It

lucky daye

Lucky Daye Blasted For Being A ‘Deadbeat’ Father After Singer Shared Controversial Tweet: If I Get You A BBL I’m Putting An AirTag In It

Twitter users are pulling quite a few skeletons out of Lucky Daye’s (real name David Brown) closet.

The criticism surrounding the “Candy Drip” singer follows a rather controversial tweet. On Nov. 21, he shared,

“If I get you a BBL I’m putting an AirTag in it.” 


It didn’t take long for social media users to remind the New Orleans singer that he has other things he needs to be focused on.

One Twitter user said,

“The QT’s just taught me way more than i ever knew about this ni**a: 1.) he a deadbeat & don’t post child support 2.) he almost 40 3.) Neyo kicked him out his house for f*cking in his bed”

Another user added,

“could put an AirTag on your kid’s bookbags but you’d have to actually see them, so…”

lucky daye

lucky daye

News of Lucky Daye’s alleged deadbeat behavior initially came from Ashley L, who starred in the BET series College Hill: Atlanta and shares a daughter, Kaydance Brown, with the singer. Ashley L disclosed details of an alleged chat Kaydance and Lucky Daye had, claiming that their daughter is “struggling” and needs counseling because of her strained relationship with her father.

However, she added that Lucky Daye had been discouraging her from going to therapy. Lucky Daye allegedly told Ashley L’s daughter,

one of us has to do nothing, so you don’t grow up spoiled.”

In addition, since Lucky Daye grew up without a father, he allegedly assured their daughter she would be OK. Because his mother raised five sons, he allegedly branded Ashley “weak a** f***” for complaining about “one little girl.”

Ashley claimed in another video that Lucky Dayey only claims their child in private. She also said Lucky Daye had informed her that the pandemic meant he shouldn’t be required to pay child support, despite him spending more than $300,000 on entertainment and travel.

Lucky Daye

Well, Lucky Daye might be a Grammy-Award-winning artist — but social media isn’t letting him off the hook when it comes to the claims from the mother of his child.

According to another Twitter user,

“Finding out Lucky Daye is a 37 year old man that dosn’t pay child support was not on my bingo card today.”

lucky daye

Another user added,

“sometimes i just wish my faves would just hush cant even save you. … now everybody in the qrts calling him a deadbeat and not knowing where his kids at .. put this on yaself

lucky daye

This isn’t the first time Lucky Daye has made headlines for seemingly being problematic. As previously reported, Ne-Yo shared he almost signed the singer but decided not to after Lucky Daye went against his wishes and had a girl in his bed while he was out of town.

During an appearance on the FAQ Podcast, Ne-Yo shared that Lucky wrote Jamie Foxx‘s verse on “She Got Her Own” and was actually supposed to lend his vocals, but things didn’t quite work out that way. He started out by saying,

“I’m really digging his voice and his energy.”

Ne-Yo continued by sharing what made him part ways with the “Love You Too Much” singer:

“At the time, I was going out of town. …I let Mr. Daye stay at my house. At this point, I got [a] big beautiful house and I’m like ‘you got full reign of the crib. Wherever you wanna go, whatever you wanna do, just don’t in my room. I come back one morning … go upstairs to my room and sure enough, this n*gga is asleep, with a chick, in my bed.”

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Authored by: S. G.