Ne-Yo Reveals He Almost Signed Lucky Daye … Until He Caught Him In His Bed With A Woman

Lucky Daye, NeYo

Ne-Yo Reveals He Almost Signed Lucky Daye … Until He Caught Him In His Bed With A Woman

Fun fact: Lucky Daye was almost lucky enough to be signed by Ne-Yo.

In fact, Lucky Daye is the pen behind Jamie Foxx‘s verse on ‘She Got Her Own’, the remix to ‘Miss Independent’. Fabolous was also featured on the track.

During an appearance on the FAQ Podcast, Ne-Yo shared that Lucky Daye wrote the verse and was actually supposed to lend his vocals… but things didn’t quite work out that way. He started out by saying,

“I’m really digging his voice and his energy.”

Ne-Yo continued by sharing what made him part ways with the ‘Love You Too Much’ singer:

“At the time, I was going out of town. …I let Mr. Daye stay at my house. At this point, I got [a] big beautiful house and I’m like ‘you got full reign of the crib. Wherever you wanna go, whatever you wanna do, just don’t in my room. I come back one morning … go upstairs to my room and sure enough, this n*gga is asleep, with a chick, in my bed.”

And the music tea didn’t stop there. Ne-Yo was asked if there was ever a time where he and record producer LA Reid had a difference in opinion.


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He said,

“One time and one time only. … When I first wrote ‘Closer’, I didn’t write it to keep it, I wrote it to sell it. We had been over in the UK for a long time, to the point where I’m like ‘let me see if I can do some of this kind of music.'”

Antonio "L.A." Reid

Antonio “L.A.” Reid

He continued by saying he believed the track was dope and would “sell easily.” Ne-Yo explained that everyone around him saw the vision though, thus encouraging him to keep the track for himself.

“The record label hears it, Jay-Z declares it a single. … Mind you, because I felt like it was such a far toss from what we had already been doing.”

While the song didn’t take off initially, he stuck with it and eventually achieved a lot of success.

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Authored by: S. G.