Xscape Denies Claims LaTocha Scott Wasn’t Informed About Soul Train Awards Wardrobe + Says Her Solo Album Is Really Why She Opted Out Of Tour: They Say She’s Booked, She’s Working On Her Solo Project

Xscape, LaTocha Scott

Xscape Denies Claims LaTocha Scott Wasn’t Informed About Soul Train Awards Wardrobe + Says Her Solo Album Is Really Why She Opted Out Of Tour: They Say She’s Booked, She’s Working On Her Solo Project

Looks like the current members of Xscape have had enough of the internet rumors.

The three active members of the R&B girl band, Kandi Burruss, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, and Tamika Scott, recently spoke about the groups ongoing media drama. According to them, estranged member LaTocha Scott is more responsible for their fallout than she’s been insinuating.

As reported earlier this month, rumors that the group could be breaking up circulated the internet. Fans speculated as much after noticing LaTocha was missing from promotionals for the groups forthcoming tour.

Subsequently, things heated up after group member LaTocha showed up at this years Soul Train Awards looking visibly out of sync from the rest of the group. The songstress alleged that though her stylist asked if there was a coordinated look, she “didn’t get the memo”.

However, according to Kandi and Tiny, LaTocha and her team seemingly hid her standout dress from the rest of the group. During a recent radio interview on V-103, Kandi stated that LaTocha’s claim she didn’t get the memo was flat out not true. She stated:

“It gave the impression that we all purposely did something to her and that’s just not true…They didn’t want us to see what she was wearing,”

Tiny added:

“They just sent the tail of it, trying to hide it.”

Tamika added that she feels the fans made a bigger deal out of the dress debacle than the group really cared about. “The Family Hustle” star Tiny went on to also address her speech at the awards show. Some felt the way Tiny was turned towards Kandi and Tamika while thanking thanking “my ladies” was done intentionally to exclude LaTocha from the moment. However, the singer says while she understands that perception, she meant no ill will. She stated:

“Honestly I didn’t mean anything by it, I was just looking at the mic, trying to talk to the mic. I was not excluding her….I saw it and said ‘d*mn’ it do look a little crazy’….but I had no ill will.”


Tiny also added that as far as LaTocha’s speech goes, however, she’s not sure if it was shady or not. Tamika went on to address falling out with her sister due to their own personal family situation. According to her, LaTocha stated on the internet she wasn’t speaking to her sister due to an altercation she had where she allegedly disrespected their mother. However, Tamika says that story is untrue.

Additionally, the group went on to talk about LaTocha claiming she opted out of the tour for her husband’s safety. If you recall, the singer claimed she unsuccessfully lobbied for the group to drop their promoter after he allegedly threatened her husband.

However, the group says it was LaTocha’s husband who initiated threats, and that they have receipts. The group also claimed that LaTocha had decided to step back from the group to work on her solo project prior to the incident. Speaking on the matter, Tamika stated:

“We didn’t stop her from doing the shows, she stepped back. It wasn’t just because of this show, it was another show with different promoter. They say she’s booked up, she’s working on her solo project….We’re definitely supportive of her solo deal.”

Just last week, theJasmineBrand exclusively reported that LaTocha is currently working on a solo Gospel album. Despite, there seems to be hope that fans will get to see all four Xscape members together again in the future. After the interviewer declared hopes the ladies will make up and perform again, Tamika stated:

“We’re waiting….Whenever she’s ready to come back and do shows with us, we’re waiting.”

Fans will be able to watch all the drama unfold on Xscape’s forthcoming docuseries.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson