Foxy Brown & Shawnna Slam Keith Murray’s Claims That He Once Had Sexual Relations w/ Them: ‘N*gg*z Ain’t Pop Since I Shot Ya’

Foxy Brown, Shawnna, Keith Murray

Foxy Brown & Shawnna Slam Keith Murray’s Claims That He Once Had Sexual Relations w/ Them: ‘N*gg*z Ain’t Pop Since I Shot Ya’

It seems rappers Foxy Brown and Shawnna aren’t here for Keith Murray’s recent conversation about them.

Both women gave not-so-subtle responses to the New York native after he shared explicit details about their alleged sexual history.

According to reports, rapper Keith Murray recently appeared in an interview, wildly claiming to have hooked up with both Foxy and Shawnna on different occasions. Reportedly, Murray spoke about his relations with Foxy first, alleging the two “rocked hardcore” after a show at the L.A. House Of Blues. Vulgarly acting out the alleged incident, Murray reportedly stated:

“We rocked hardcore, went into the hotel and she gave me hardcore head”

He continued:

“I ate her p*ssy but I never f*cked her and then she was with Kurupt at the time, so we was coming out of the hotel after she gave me head and we was coming and Kurupt was coming.”

Foxy Brown was engaged to rapper Kurupt, real name Ricardo Emmanuel Brown from 1997 – 1999. However, the two reportedly split before making things official. It was apparently rumored, at the time, that Foxy was cheating on her then-soon-to-be husband with rap star DMX. Murray was very critical of the “Broken Silence” artist’s alleged “promiscuous” behavior, stating:

“That’s when I knew females are no f*cking good…She’s a main artist, wopping me off, married to this dude…Could you imagine your wife a rapper wopping off a n*gga and then walking. She was trying to use me. It could have been guns popping that night in there in that lobby.”

Murray also spoke on his alleged sexual encounter with rapper Shawnna during the interview. Reportedly, the musician again claimed to have “ate her p*ssy” during a hook-up in Miami. However, both women seem to be less than flattered by Murray’s conversations. Foxy seemingly responded via Instagram story, writing:


The musician was referring to LL Cool J’s 1995 “I Shot Ya” remix, which features both Brown and Murray.

Shawnna also opted to respond via Instagram story, writing:

“If y’all here bc of Keith you can gone back home…I know you leaf heads stick together…Goofy b*tches I coulda agreed you dumb mf.”




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Authored by: Kay Johnson