NBA Youngboy Reveals Plan To Become A Mormon: I Wanted Help Very Badly

NBA Youngboy Reveals Plan To Become A Mormon: I Wanted Help Very Badly

NBA Youngboy has his eyes set on becoming a better version of himself this year.

During a recent interview, NBA YoungBoy, born Kentrell Gaulden, revealed he plans to convert to Mormonism soon. According to the “Bandit” rapper, his interest in the religion started during a dark time in his life while on house arrest in Utah. During NBA YoungBoy’s confinement by the authorities to his residence, he was visited by Mormon missionaries. He initially turned them away the first time they knocked on his door. However, NBA YoungBoy had a change of heart and eventually invited them into his home. He shared,

“I wanted help very badly. I needed a friend. And it hit me. It was just cool to see someone with a different mindset that had nothing to do with business or money — just these wonderful souls.”

He continued and revealed that over time he developed a friendship with the missionaries as they visited his home daily. Reportedly, during their chats, they educated the rapper about The Book of Mormon. They also made sure his “heart was in the right space” for his official baptism into the church. According to YoungBoy, he plans to become baptized into The Church of Latter-Day Saints after his house arrest is over. He added,

“Even when my negative thoughts come back, when I do want to tell them, ‘Not today,’ I just don’t let nothing stop it.”

NBA YoungBoy

During the same interview, he also shared that his new-found religion has inspired him to not be as violent with his rap lyrics. While addressing how his fans may feel about that, he said,

“I’m not changing. I will not be provoked, I will not be broken, and I’m not going back to who I used to be. Accept it or not — I ain’t going back.”

2023 may just be a big year of change for YoungBoy. As previously reported, Last month the rapper married his partner Jazlyn Hayes Mychelle. A copy of a Utah County marriage license dated January 7 surfaced on social media. The love birds share two children – 1-year-old daughter Love Alice Gaulden and their 3-month-old son – together. YoungBoy is also the father to eight other children.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel