Update: Kel Mitchell Tells Judge He Owes Ex-Wife ‘Nothing’ In $1.9M Divorce Battle: ‘Everything She Has Filed Is Completely Fabricated’

Kel Mitchell, Tyisha Hampton

Update: Kel Mitchell Tells Judge He Owes Ex-Wife ‘Nothing’ In $1.9M Divorce Battle: ‘Everything She Has Filed Is Completely Fabricated’

Update: (Feb. 15, 2023):  Kel Mitchell has responded to his ex-wife’s serious allegations. As previously reported, Tyisha Hampton recently requested that a judge order the former Nickelodeon star to pay her for (alleged) back support. Her request came after the court initially ruled that Mitchell didn’t owe her any money. However, in the motion asking for the ruling to be reversed, Hampton claimed her ex owes her $1.9 million in backed spousal support and child support payments.

According to RadarOnline, Kel Mitchell has requested the court deny all of Hampton’s recent motions. He said,

“I have been put through the wringer for almost two decades. I have done everything I can to work with her through this process. All she has done is drag me and my family through the mud.”

He added:

“I have attached the Court orders demonstrating that I owe her nothing. Everything she has filed is completely fabricated. Therefore, I respectfully respect that this Court deny all requests she has made in their entirety.”

The judge has yet to set a hearing on Hampton’s recent motions.


Original story: (Feb. 13, 2023): Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton, has demanded a judge order the actor to pay her $1.9 million for back support.

According to RadarOnline, Tyisha Hampton was shut down in her divorce battle after a judge determined the former Nickelodeon star doesn’t owe her back support. Now, days later, Kel Mitchell’s ex has reportedly gone back to court asking that the decision be reversed.

Kel Mitchell, Tyisha Hampton

In her documents, Tyisha Hampton claimed,

“[Kel] has not made one spousal support payment to the Respondent. As of February 6, 2023, the Petitioner currently owes $315,692.51 in Spousal Support arrears.”

In addition, the actress said Kel Mitchell owes another $725k in child support payments for a overall total of $1.92 million. She accused him of presenting false evidence to the court, reports state.

Reportedly, Tyisha has demanded Kel pay her $1.9 million for his “fraudulent and malicious” conduct including his alleged “financial abuse.” She said the on-going battle has caused her to suffer emotionally and financially. She also said she believes Kel is making over $60k per month while she is over $3 million in debt.

Kel Mitchell

Tyisha has publicly accused Kel of owing her over a million in back support for years now. She previously took to her social media accounts to call out her ex-husband for allegedly being a deadbeat dad over the years. She also said that Kel’s tax debts lead to her being incarcerated.

As previously reported, in March of 2021, Tyisha revealed via her TikTok that Kel allegedly owes her $1.2 million in unpaid child support and tax debt.

Tyisha created a TikTok video where she accused Kel of buying a home worth $800,000 in 2020 even though he has yet to pay her the reported $1.2 million that he still allegedly owes. She shared the video to her Instagram page, along with more details into her ill relationship with Kel. She wrote,

“#payyourexkel I’m no longer going to be a victim. I’m collecting everything I’m owed ! If you are a fan of his , let him know #payyourex ! You can’t be a man of God and not take care of your past responsibilities! You cannot continue being a hypocrite! Part 2 will explain how I went to jail for his IRS TAX Debt ! Yep, I’m spilling it all, until I get my money ? !!!! #payyourexkel #deadbeatdad #deadbeatcelebrity like share ! Let’s let him know you can’t do this to your kids and your ex !!! Make him Accountable!!! #payyourexkel”


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Kel and Tyisha were reportedly married from April 23, 1999, to August 15, 2005. They share two children, Lyric Mitchell and Allure Mitchell.

Lyric, Allure, Kel Mitchell

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely