Rick Ross Ditches Interview After Supposedly Getting Up To Use The Bathroom

Rick Ross Ditches Interview After Supposedly Getting Up To Use The Bathroom

Rick Ross pulled an “Irish goodbye” during a recent interview!

This past Friday (Dec. 17th), The 85 South Side Comedy Show–co-hosted by DC Young FlyKarlous Miller, and Chico Bean–aired a new episode with a high-profile guest star: Rick Ross. However, while the entire episode was just over 2 hours long, Rick Ross was surprisingly only present for about 37 minutes!

After discussing some of his early successes, Rick Ross told the co-hosts that he had to use the restroom, suggesting that he would return immediately afterwards. After a few moments, though, the co-hosts discovered that the “Diced Pineapples” rapper had left the scene.

You can see the moment in question down below:


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While many commenters’ responses to the situation were mixed, it turns out that Karlous Miller was largely unbothered by the matter! After initially summing the situation up by writing “s**t happens, he said that he still appreciated having Rick Ross on the show.

He also retweeted a number of Twitter users’ jokes on the matter.

Additionally, DC Young Fly didn’t seem to be too upset over Rick Ross‘ exit, as he also laughed about it on Twitter.

Rick Ross has not publicly spoken about ditching the interview, and it’s unclear what exactly caused him to make his impromptu exit.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley