Chris Brown Questioned By U.K. Police For Alleged Involvement In Club Brawl

Chris Brown Questioned By U.K. Police For Alleged Involvement In Club Brawl


Chris Brown has been questioned by U.K. police after a club brawl sent a man to the hospital!

According to RadarOnline, Chris Brown and his entourage went to Tape nightclub after performing at The O2 stadium in London last month. As the night went on, a fight broke out between Chris Brown’s crew and a club patron.

According to the police report, a man was hit in the head with a bottle. When he tried to get up and escape, he was surrounded and allegedly beaten up by Chris Brown’s crew. Once the fight was broken up by security, the victim was rushed to the hospital and was later released with non-life-threatening injuries.

A witness allegedly saw the incident unfold and said,

“A row broke out with a guy and Brown’s crowd and the man was hit over the head with a bottle. He tried to get up off the ground to escape but he was surrounded and then punched and kicked before security broke it up.”

Chris Brown

The rapper is still scheduled to perform a string of shows at the O2 stadium later this month as a part of his European tour.

Chris Brown recently had another altercation take place at a club earlier this month. While in Oberhausen, Germany on his European tour, the 33-year-old seemingly went out for a fun night out and was met with aggression from a clubgoer.

In the short video clip which surfaced online, the “Loyal” singer is seen trying to shove away from what appeared to be his entourage and get close to the person he was arguing with. The two, however, never came in contact in the video. Brown was successfully restrained while the man – whose face is never seen on camera – eventually made his exit.

Once the video garnered attention, Brown took to the comments section on social media to address the situation. He wrote:

“You know you tucked your tail. you was scared to come outside. You would’ve been doing TIK TOKs from a hospital bed. Weird a** n*gga”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole