Blueface Addresses Why He Doesn’t Want Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Around Rick Ross & Lil Baby: ‘It’s Not Gone Be Real Networking […] It’s Different When It’s Females’

Chrisean Rock, Blueface, Rick Ross, Lil Baby

Blueface Addresses Why He Doesn’t Want Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Around Rick Ross & Lil Baby: ‘It’s Not Gone Be Real Networking […] It’s Different When It’s Females’ 

Blueface is letting it be known why he doesn’t want his girlfriend Chrisean Rock networking with rappers like Rick Ross and Lil Baby to advance her music career.

In a new interview, rap artist Blueface, 26, spoke on why he isn’t fond of Chrisean Rock, 22, mixing and mingling with men in the music industry. In particular, the “Thotiana” rapper has made it clear he doesn’t want the rising artist around Rick Ross, 47, and Lil Baby, 28.


As previously reported, earlier this month, Blueface called out Chrisean Rock after a photo surfaced of her and Rick Ross together at this year’s Super Bowl. The flick between the two ultimately triggered a back-and-forth exchange between Blue and Chrisean on Twitter. She wrote,

“What [Rick Ross] literally got a pic walking past idk why everyone trynna get a pic with me I’m not in his face he literally caught me off guard while I’m waiting for my car with zues and them.”

The drama didn’t stop there. On February 20, Blue took to Twitter to issue multiple tweets directed toward Chrisean about an alleged conversation she had with Lil Baby at a party during Super Bowl weekend.

Lil Baby

In a tweet, Blue shared an alleged text exchange between Chrisean and Lil Baby, with the 4PF rapper writing that he’s simply a “big brother” figure and was confused about rumors suggesting he had slid into her DMs. Blue started with,

“Met my b*tch one time talm bout he “big brother”? You ain’t no son to me the truth could never be a dis” 

He continued,

“Anything that makes rock boom I’m all for it even if I gotta look bad I ain’t bring her to the top for you n*ggas to play fake big brother an fake like you want to work for a picture or some p*ssy let’s do business or move around it’s very simple I invested in this long time ago”

Blue elaborated and wrote,

“You wanna work with rock call blue or Im bleeding you unprofessionally every time”

Blue concluded that Lil Baby had unknowingly texted his phone, not Chrisean’s. He claimed,

“Ain’t even have to go thru the fone rock gave cuz my number he been texting me the whole time”

During their latest interview, the on-again-off-again couple dished on the drama surrounding Chrisean and her seemingly harmless interactions with the men. When the show host asked if it would be smart if the “Baddies South” star was around the hip-hop entertainers for her career, Blueface said,

“H*ll no. It’s not gone be real networking. You get what I’m saying? It’s different when it’s females.” 

When asked if they think Ross and Baby want a sexual relationship with Chrisean, the Los Angeles native replied,

“She [Chrisean] know. She like to play around.” 

During the conversation, Blue seemingly revealed why Baby referring to himself as Chrisean’s “big bro” triggered a response from him. He shared,

“That was a throw off. That’s not what he was telling her in front of her, you feel me.” 

When Chrisean attempted to share that she and Lil Baby had nothing more than an uplifting conversation, Blue added,

“She lying. She didn’t tell you he was like, ‘oh you sexy. Oh I want you around. Oh you got potential. Come to the studio. What’s your number?’ I don’t know if she like cuz or not but she tryna water it down.”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely