Lizzo Bonds w/ Fan During Concert Who Did Her Entire ‘About D*mn Time’ Routine From The Audience, Pop Singer Says The Special Moment Made Her Cry Backstage

Lizzo Bonds w/ Fan During Concert Who Did Her Entire ‘About D*mn Time’ Routine From The Audience, Pop Singer Says The Special Moment Made Her Cry Backstage

Celebrated songstress Lizzo just might have some of the most dedicated fans… ever!

During a recent performance, a die-hard supporter of Lizzo mastered the full-blown dance routine to her chart-topping song “About D*mn Time” straight from the crowd.


The monumental moment was caught on camera, as 23-year-old Shyanne Barnes can be seen (effortlessly) hitting each and every count.

Following the occurrence, Lizzo took to her social media to express how heartfelt it was to see the impact that her music had on Barnes, admitting that it ultimately brought her to tears.

In an Instagram post, the 34-year-old started off by recalling how learning Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” choreography aided her amid her time of grief.

Under the one-minute clip, she wrote:

LONG CAPTION B*TCH: rewind to the summer of 07, I learned the entire Beyonce? ‘get me bodied’ choreography… it literally saved me at a time I was dealing with depression & loss… then I remember doing the ‘single ladies’ choreo at the Mrs Carter tour and she looked at me!”


Lizzo then paid homage to Barnes, detailing the comparison between her idolization of Beyonce and the young lady’s commitment to her as an artist.

She added,

“It was a brief moment but absolutely world changing for me. Fast forward to last night when this young girl danced ‘About D*mn Time’ (LIVE VERSION) with me & the big grrrls. What she doesn’t know is I cried backstage. To know I mean to her what my favorite artist meant to me is so deeply touching. I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH.”


Subsequent to Lizzo’s statement, Barnes praised the proclaimed ‘bop star’ for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She also documented the exciting event in her Instagram stories, where she showed off the handmade sign that she held up in the audience.

Shyanne Barnes

She dropped in the comment section,

“Lizzo thank you SO MUCH ! I’m going to remember this forever , I love you and your music so so much ! You make me so happy !”

According to Barnes, she’ll be in attendance for another one of Lizzo’s forthcoming concerts, and we can’t wait to see if she’ll be dancing along to another one of the Detroit-born entertainer’s famed tracks!

It’s safe to say, this month has proven (even more) why the world loves Lizzo, as she spoke out against the business agenda of controversial companies like Victoria’s Secret and their expansion of all-size visibility.

When speaking of the intimate-wear retailer’s rebranded, body-positive-focused fashion show, the YITTY owner tweeted,

“This is a win for inclusivity for inclusivity’s sake. But if brands start doing this only because they’ve received backlash then what happens when the ‘trends’ change again?”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell