Beyoncé Recalls How Solange Being Jealous Of Her 13-Year-Old Boyfriend Resulted In A Visit From Police In Resurfaced Video Clip

Solange, Beyoncé

Beyoncé Recalls How Solange Being Jealous Of Her 13-Year-Old Boyfriend Resulted In A Visit From Police In Resurfaced Video Clip

The adorable relationship between musical sisters Beyoncé and Solange wasn’t always as smooth as it seems now.

In a recently resurfaced video clip, the “Renaissance” artist shared the hilarious time her sister’s jealousy came to a dramatic conclusion.

Solange & Beyonce

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, 41, told the roller coaster tale in an old interview with talk show host David Letterman. The Houston native explained that she was around the age of 13 when her then-boyfriend came over to visit. Despite the hangout being innocent, Solange Knowles, 36, seemingly had other plans. Prefacing the story, Beyoncé stated:

“She tried to get my boyfriend in trouble. She hated him. She was so jealous because we were best friends until him,”

According to the musician, while the young couple was watching a movie, with mother Tina Knowles Lawson regularly checking in, a then 8-year-old Solange menacingly lurked by. After an irritated Beyoncé asked what she wanted, Solange solicited her sister and the boyfriend to help find her coloring book. The singer continued:

“We go and try to find the coloring book. My boyfriend and I are in my room looking for the coloring book – he’s not supposed to be in there. She walks in [screaming];…he’s not supposed to be in here Imma get you in trouble!”


It seems this is where chaos broke loose. True to her word, Solange allegedly went to tell their dad Matthew Knowles what was going down. The enraged father immediately ran up the stairs repeating “I’m [go] kill you!” while the rest of the family attempted to restrain him. Beyoncé said before things got too far, however, the commotion was interrupted by a knock at the door. She stated:

“Next thing you know, ‘ding dong’, it’s the cops. My sister called the police on my father because [he] said he was gonna kill him”

Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé

Things were ok in the end. Matthew Knowles explained he thought the boy was trying to have sex with his daughter, to which the cops quickly resonated. While Solange, sobbing revealed she didn’t tell the truth. It’s good to see the two are in a much better place as adults. The musical pair are often seen celebrating one another as they continue to achieve new heights as fellow entertainers. Beyoncé concluded the story and said:

“She just can’t believe she did that. She’s so calm now…and just a beautiful lady, and we’re best friends.”

Solange, Beyoncé

This much seems to remain true to date!

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Authored by: Kay Johnson