Lil Wayne Denies His $150M Net Worth On Google In Resurfaced Video: ‘I Don’t Have A Cent Close To That Sh*t’

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Denies His $150M Net Worth On Google In Resurfaced Video: ‘I Don’t Have A Cent Close To That Sh*t’

Lil Wayne is making headlines for a resurfaced clip where he took the time to set the record straight about his net worth.

During a previous interview (that has gone viral recently), rap star Lil Wayne denied reports that his net worth is over $150 million and claimed he doesn’t “have a cent” close to that amount.

Lil Wayne

When asked how accurate his Google net worth was, the 40-year-old rapper shared,

“Honestly, I’m gonna let everybody know now. When you go check a m*th*f*ck*’s net worth and that sh*t be saying some crazy numbers, I don’t have a cent close to that sh*t.”

The “A Milli” rapper’s net worth has more than likely increased since the time of the interview, however, during the sit-down, Lil Wayne (born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) said he’d often jokingly call his agent for not getting him more money. He said,

“Yeah, I don’t have that, but I guess they be meaning that’s what I’m worth. So I be always calling my agent like, ‘I’m telling you, bro, I’m gonna fire the sh*t out of you ’cause I don’t need you. Google let me know. You know what I mean?”

Wayne continued,

“I’m like, ‘I’m a zillion dollar n*gga on Google bro.’”

Lil Wayne

He added,

“And they smart. They are smart. So they know what they talking about. It’s motivation, that’s all. It’s just motivation. Have a phone call, have a bad conversation with your girl, it end with, ‘you ain’t sh*t.’ Hold your head. Yeah.”  

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Wayne’s comments were initially given a few years ago but in 2022 fellow rapper Lil Baby, 28, also said Google had his net worth listed wrong.

As previously reported, Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum recording artist Lil Baby addressed Google having his net worth listed as an incorrect amount during an interview with Complex.

According to the rapperhe was initially unaware of what Google had his net worth listed as. However, one day his son told him that one of his classmates googled his finances and claimed that his father was “only” worth $5 million. This information is what led the rapper to mention it in his music. The lyrics read,

“Google says my net worth is $5 million, but I got that sh*t in cash.”

Lil Baby

When asked “how inaccurate is that figure,” Lil Baby laughed and said,

“Nobody on that Google net worth is correct or accurate. Nobody.”

Host Speedy Morman then asked the “Forever” rapper if he is well past that mark. Lil Baby laughed and modestly replied,


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Authored by: Ariel Whitely