Blac Chyna Says She Lost 10 Pounds After Removing Silicone From Her Butt: ‘My Rear End Would Get Super Inflamed’

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna Says She Lost 10 Pounds After Removing Silicone From Her Butt: ‘My Rear End Would Get Super Inflamed’

Blac Chyna’s silicone removal really took the load off. 

During a recent interview, Blac Chyna, who would like to now be addressed by her real name Angela White, spoke out after making life-changing decisions to her body which included her recent butt reduction. The model admitted that she’s altered her body numerous times in the past. Blac Chyna shared:

“This is my fifth boob job. I’ve had liposuction three times. I’ve had fillers. I’ve had butt augmentation.” 

Blac Chyna

The reality star’s previous butt augmentation drew concern. As previously reported, on Mar. 13 Angela took to Instagram to share the plastic surgery reversal  from the procedures she made when she was 19-years-old. The 34-year-old said:

“This is a regular person that’s doing it. So they get whatever it is substance that they’re doing and giving it to you. They’re not gonna tell you ‘hey, you could possibly die.’”

She added:

“My rear end would get super inflamed and it would get really really hard and like really hot. It was very scary.”

Beverly Hills’ cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Matlock spent eight hours removing the silicone from Angela’s rear end. The specialist advised:

“The physical dangers of getting the legal fillers are many. You can have infection, abscesses, sepsis. Sepsis patients can die from that.”

Blac Chyna, Dr. Matlock

According to Angela, 1,250 CC’s (cubic centimeters) were removed from her butt, which allowed her to drop 10 pounds. She said: 

“Two-liter Coke bottle all in my booty.”

The socialite described how she sees herself in the mirror now that she’s completely natural. She added:

“I see beauty. I see wisdom. I see myself. I feel good about it too.”

Since Angela was baptized last May, she’s been on a self-healing journey.

Blac Chyna

As previously reported, she continued her documentation earlier this week as she took to Instagram to share that she also traveled to Las Vegas to remove her “demonic” tattoo art on her hip.

The mother-of-two seems genuinely serious about her life changes as she previously admitted that she’s no longer interested in wearing acrylic nails. 

Blac Chyna

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill