‘Love After Lockup’ Star Monique Robinson’s Boyfriend Derek Warner Arrested In Ohio On A Second-Degree Felony Assault Charge

Monique Robinson, Derek Warner

‘Love After Lockup’ Star Monique Robinson’s Boyfriend Derek Warner Arrested In Ohio On A Second-Degree Felony Assault Charge

Derek Warner faces legal troubles in his romantic life with Monique Robinson… again. 

On Tuesday (Mar. 28) an Instagram account by the name of @MerryPants reported that “Love After Lockup” couple Monique Robinson and Derek Warner had a run in with the Ohio Police Department after getting a bite to eat.

Monique Robinson, Derek Warner

Reportedly, Derek Warner was placed in cuffs amid walking out of a restaurant while Monique Robinson waited for him in the car. 

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Less than an hour after being booked into the Lorain County Jail, Derek posted his $10,000 bond and was released. The reality star was reportedly indicted with the second-degree felonious assault on Mar. 17 and is accused of having caused “serious physical harm to another or to another’s unborn.”

Derek Warner Mugshot

It’s in the Ohio native’s best interest to change their behavior before they have to continue their love during lockup. Derek’s arrest comes after the “Love After Lockup” fan favorites were fired from the reality show after they reportedly called out the network for not trying to prevent Monique’s family and Derek sisters from fighting. The WE tv reality show follows couple’s who finally meet each other in person once their significant other has been released from prison. Reportedly, the Mar. 10 episode reveals the physical altercation between Monique, her siblings, and Derek’s siblings: Elizabeth and Aubryanna. Derek’s transgender sister, Elizabeth reportedly took to social media to confirm the network terminating the couple due to their consistent drama.

Despite the rumors of the couple getting booted from the series, it was reported on Tuesday (Mar. 28) that Monique, 34, and Derek, 30, will be returning to the show during this week’s episode. Derek and the Animal Hospital Receptionist became acquainted in 2020 through a website that allows inmates to have pen pals.

Monique Robinson, Derek Warner

Derek was reportedly one of the 32 men that was detained in 2013 during a drug bust which focused on a heroin ring in Cleveland, Ohio. He reportedly served a nine year sentence on drug possession and trafficking charges.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill