Kanye West — Resurfaced Footage Seemingly Shows Rapper Filming A Woman Twerking At ‘Freaknik’

Kanye West

Kanye West — Resurfaced Footage Seemingly Shows Rapper Filming A Woman Twerking At ‘Freaknik’

Will Kanye West be making an appearance in the upcoming “Freaknik” documentary?

As you may already know, the infamous spring break festival “Freaknik” has been making headlines once again thanks to Hulu’s upcoming documentary about the event.

On Monday (Apr. 10) a Twitter user shared an old clip from what they’re claiming was taken during “Freaknik” that shows a woman twerking on the ground in front of a group of men. It didn’t take long for other Twitter users to notice one of the people in the footage appears to be Grammy-Award winning rapper Kanye West. It’s unclear when the footage was taken, but Kanye West, now-45, is seen recording the dancing woman on his flip phone, which hints that the video was recorded years ago.

Reportedly, last week Hulu added a new title to its documentary, “Freaknik: The Wildest Party Ever Told.” However, a release date for the project has yet to be shared. 

Freaknik was an annual spring break festival that came about in the 1980s in Atlanta, Georgia. The event – attended by students from historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) –  was originally put together for those who couldn’t afford to go home for spring break. During the early 1990s, the event gained popularity and became bigger when dance contests, concerts, tournaments, and more were incorporated. 

The festival was eventually shut down in 1999. However, since 2019, there have been attempts to turn the festival back into a popular event.

Speaking of documentaries, Kanye West may be working on one himself. As we reported last month, “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” co-host Wallo267 announced that the producer-turned-fashion designer has a videographer on the go with him recording his every move on an iPhone for a documentary project.

Wallo shared:

“I was with Ye months ago. This mothaf*cka had a white boy, right? Me and this boy talkin’. This white boy got an iPhone that’s all day… He documenting everything. This gon’ be the documentary off the iPhone.”


What are your thoughts on Kanye West possibly appearing in Hulu’s upcoming Freaknik documentary? Tell us below.


Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill