Country Music Star Jimmie Allen’s Ice Cream Collab Pulled Following Rape Allegations

Jimmie Allen

Country Music Star Jimmie Allen’s Ice Cream Collab Pulled Following Rape Allegations


Jimmie Allen’s deal with a “Shark Tank” powered ice cream company has been pulled from the company’s website following his recent rape allegations.

In March it was announced that the country singer inked a partnership with The Frozen Farmer, a farm-fresh ice cream company supported by Shark Tank cast member Lori Greiner.

Under The Frozen Farmer, Jimmie Allen created Miss Angie’s Peach Cobbler Frobert, which was inspired by a recipe from his mom. However, now, the dessert, which features a picture of Allen and his mother, is no longer on the company’s website and the social media posts promoting it have been removed.

As previously reported, Jimmie Allen is being sued by his former manager/business partner who is accusing the entertainer of raping and continuously sexually assaulting her.

Reportedly the woman, who is going by Jane Doe, says she was hired right out of college to be Jimmie Allen’s day-to-day manager. The 37-year-old singer allegedly took the woman’s virginity, raping her in a hotel room back in 2021, and continued to force her into more sexual acts while she worked for him.

Jane Doe reportedly details the incident in court documents, claiming to have gone out with Jimmie Allen and others one evening before falling unconscious. The woman says she had a glass of wine and woke up several hours later disoriented and bleeding from her vagina in a hotel room. The legal doc reportedly reads:

“She realized she had lost her virginity through no choice of her own and felt she had betrayed her faith.” 

Jimmie Allen

Allegedly, the sexual abuse continued nearly everywhere Jane Doe was required to go with him, including green rooms, cars, and airplanes. The woman says Allen then began touching her private areas in public and “videotaped multiple sexual encounters in order to blackmail her to stay silent.” Reportedly, Jane Doe feared being fired like Allen’s previous manager and stayed quiet for a while. Upon bringing the situation to her bosses, however, Jane Doe says she was placed on leave and ultimately fired.

The music artist denied the accusations, claiming the relationship was consensual. He reportedly released a statement that says:

“It is deeply troubling and hurtful that someone I counted as one of my closest friends, colleagues and confidants would make allegations that have no truth to them whatsoever. I acknowledge that we had a sexual relationship — one that lasted for nearly two years. During that time she never once accused me of any wrongdoing, and she spoke of our relationship and friendship as being something she wanted to continue indefinitely.”

He continues by questioning Jane Doe’s motives:

“Only after things ended between us, did she hire a lawyer to reach out and ask for money, which leads me to question her motives. The simple fact is, her accusations are not only false, but also extremely damaging. I’ve worked incredibly hard to build my career, and I intend to mount a vigorous defense to her claims and take all other legal action necessary to protect my reputation.”

Allen has yet to comment on his ice cream partnership being removed from the company’s website and social media.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole