R.Kelly — Government Plans To Seize $500K In Royalties From Singer To Pay Restitution To Abuse Victims


R.Kelly — Government Plans To Seize $500K In Royalties From Singer To Pay Restitution To Abuse Victims

The federal government is making sure R.Kelly‘s victims receive their money by any means necessary.

According to RadarOnline, the embattled singer’s royalties are about to be taken as prosecutors work to collect on $500,000 owed to his victims. In R.Kelly‘s criminal case, the government submitted an application for a writ of continuous garnishment.

R.Kelly is incarcerated in North Carolina, according to the filing from the prosecution, but he hasn’t paid the needed $504,289.90 plus interest toward a judgment from his criminal conviction. They said he’s already received $27,000 in credit.

The government has asked Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music to turn over any money Kelly is entitled from the sale of his music, while also raising the question of

“whether the garnishee has in its possession, custody, or control any property of the Debtor, including non-exempt, disposable earnings.”

Following a high-profile sex crimes trial, Kelly was convicted in 2021 of racketeering, human trafficking, obstructing the course of justice, and kidnapping. Prosecutors said the singer conducted a criminal business with the sole purpose of enlisting young girls for his abuse.


R. Kelly Asks Judge For Acquittal & New Trial After Being Found Guilty Of Child Sex Abuse 

He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. The singer received additional jail time after being found guilty of child sex abuse in Chicago.

Many victims spoke during the trial about the alleged horrifying treatment from Kelly. The musician insisted that the victims had given their assent to their relationship with him and refuted all accusations of impropriety.

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