Update: Travis Scott Will Not Face Criminal Charges For Astroworld Tragedy That Left 10 Dead

Travis Scott

Update: Travis Scott Will Not Face Criminal Charges For Astroworld Tragedy That Left 10 Dead

Update: (Jun. 30, 2023): New details have emerged surrounding the Astroworld tragedy that left 10 concertgoers dead.

Recently, reports surfaced that rapper Travis Scott might be facing criminal charges for his music festival gone bad. A Texas grand jury reportedly met on Thursday (Jun. 29) to decide if there should be criminal indictments brought against Travis Scott and others responsible for the 2021 Astroworld Festival due to the multiple deaths that occurred during the event.

However, a rep for the rapper has claimed that “Travis Scott will not be charged with criminal charges or any wrongdoing for his involvement with Astroworld festival.”

In a statement shared with TMZ, they continued,

“Today’s decision by the Harris County District Attorney confirms what we have known all along – that Travis Scott is not responsible for the Astroworld tragedy. This is consistent with investigative reporting by numerous media outlets and federal and state government reports that have squarely placed the onus for event safety crises on organizers, operators and contractors — not performers.”

The rep added,

“While waiting patiently for the District Attorney’s decision to not file charges, Travis Scott has been inaccurately and wrongly singled out, despite stopping the show three separate times and being unaware of the events as they were unfolding. Now that this chapter is closed, we hope for the government efforts to focus on what is most important – stopping future heartbreaking tragedies like Astroworld from ever occurring again.”


Original story: (Jun. 29, 2023): A Texas grand jury is considering criminal charges against rapper Travis Scott and others over a crowd crush at a music festival that left 10 dead and thousands injured.

Attorney Kent Schaffer confirmed a grand jury is considering criminal indictments against Travis Scott and others related to the 2021 Astroworld Festival deaths.

“There’s no telling how long it will take but we’re confident that they will agree that Travis committed no crimes.”

According to reports, the grand jury will be presented with evidence to determine whether there is probable cause to support criminal charges.

Travis Scott

As previously reported, on November 5, 2021, Travis Scott held his annual Astroworld festival in his hometown of Houston, TX. During the event, thousands of attendees reportedly rushed the venue, resulting in a fatal crowd surge. Ten people died due to compressive asphyxiation, including a 9-year-old boy who succumbed to vital organ failure. The musician and festival organizers face hundreds of lawsuits for the Astroworld tragedy.

The family of one of the people killed settled on undisclosed terms with Scott, Live Nation and others in October 2022. Other lawsuits are currently pending, including the one issued by the family of the 9-year-old boy that was killed.

Attorney Robert Hilliard, who represents the young boy’s family, said in a statement that

“both criminal and civil accountability are critical to ensure that those responsible for the loss of innocent lives understand the permanent devastation they caused these families.”

Critics blamed Scott for not stopping the concert to check on his injured fans. However, he has since claimed he wasn’t aware of what was taking place on the festival grounds during his performance. As a result of the tragedy, Scott lost several endorsement deals.

As of now, it’s unclear how long it will take for the grand jury to decide whether or not the rapper will be facing criminal charges.

This story is still developing. Please check back for updates.

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