Aubrey O’Day Calls Into Question Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Donald Trump Jr.’s Anti-LGBT Stance, Claiming Their First Time Being Intimate Was At A Gay Nightclub

Aubrey O’Day, Donald Trump Jr.

Aubrey O’Day Calls Into Question Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Donald Trump Jr.’s Anti-LGBT Stance, Claiming Their First Time Being Intimate Was At A Gay Nightclub

Singer Aubrey O’Day is spilling more tea about her alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr.

During a recent podcast interview, the former Danity Kane member shared how her first intimate moment with the politician was starkly different from the anti-LGBTQIA+ man we see today.

Aubrey O’Day

According to reports, Aubrey O’Day’s, 39, truth-telling moment came as revealed how her relationship with Donald Trump Jr., 45, started. According to the music artist, her rumored ex has had a vast change of heart from the man she once knew and fell in love with.

If you recall back in 2019, the “Showstopper” singer confirmed years of speculation that she had an affair with the son of former President Donald Trump, while he was married to his now ex-wife Vanessa.

Delineating how their romance began, O’Day said that Trump Jr. pursued her through social media while she was on season 5 of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” After the show wrapped, the songstress said the political personality was eager to see her, so she invited him to a hosting she was doing at a gay nightclub. She reportedly stated:

“I was hosting a gay club, and our first time going out together — he wanted to see me so bad, and I was like, ‘Well, I’m going to be at a gay club tonight,’” 

Aubrey O’Day

O’Day went on and explained how she didn’t think the suited-up man she saw on TV would dare to step into a place like the venue she was at, but he proved her wrong. She continued:

“It’s a huge f***ing club, and everybody’s in a g-string or less. I was just, in my soul, like, ‘There is no way the man that I’ve seen suited-up for the past couple months is going to show up to see me in this lovely land that I get to be in,’ and he did,”

The musician went on to praise Trump Jr.’s behavior, alleging he was so “nice and chill” with everyone and seemed very comfortable being there. So much so, that O’Day claimed the two went into the bathroom that night and became physically intimate for the first time. Drawing attention to his now staunch conservative stance about the LGBT community, the singer continued:

“I looked at his Instagram for the first time in years the other night and saw all kinds of jokes you know, kind of belittling the gay community, transgender women, et cetera, and I thought to myself, ‘Man you were super comfortable in that gay club. In fact, so comfortable that we ended up going to the bathroom and, for the first time, had sex in a gay club bathroom.”

Aubrey O’Day

Reportedly, during the interview, O’Day gave more explicit details about the sexual encounter and also reminisced on the special connection the two allegedly shared. It’s noted in the report that Trump Jr., who has in recent years taken a much harder right stance against anything LGBT related, has not responded publicly to any of O’Day’s claims.

As previously reported, however, it seems Aubrey believes the two are soulmates, though she doubts they will ever rekindle their romance. When first airing out their affair a few years ago she stated:

“I think he closed the chapter when he went the direction that he did. He’s chosen to be in the life that he’s in now and be the person that he is now, and that’s not the person that I fell in love with,”

Trump Jr. is now engaged to be married to Kimberly Guilfoyle, who he reportedly popped the question to back in January of last year.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson