‘Barbie’ Film Featuring Issa Rae & Directed By Greta Gerwig Surpasses $1 Billion Globally After 17 Days Of Release

Issa Rae, Greta Gerwig

‘Barbie’ Film Featuring Issa Rae & Directed By Greta Gerwig Surpasses $1 Billion Globally After 17 Days Of Release

Issa Rae’s newest film has made history!

According to reports, the ‘Barbie’ movie, released on July 21, has officially entered the 10-figure club. The fantasy comedy film directed by Greta Gerwig has reportedly earned (thus far) $459 million in North America and $572 million internationally. This vast accomplishment makes Greta Gerwig the first-ever solo woman filmmaker to score a billion-dollar film. In addition, the movie has also made the history books for being Warner Bros.’s fastest project to earn a billion dollars, doing so in just 17 days. Prior to “Barbie,” the studio’s 2011 film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” hit the billion-dollar target in 19 days.

“Barbie” centers around Stereotypical Barbie, portrayed by Margot Robbie, and her friend group of other Barbies who are faced with the harsh reality of what real women have to deal with outside of the utopia world of Barbieland.

It may come as no surprise to some that the film is a box office hit due to its star-studded cast. In addition to Margot Robbie, “Barbie” stars many A-listers, including America Ferrera (as Gloria), Ryan Gosling (as Ken), Alexandra Shipp (as Writer Barbie), Simu Liu (as Tourist Ken), and Issa Rae (as President Barbie). Issa Rae first started making waves in the entertainment industry with her internet series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.” The web comedy/drama show was the inspiration for her hit HBO series “Insecure,” which premiered in 2016 and wrapped in 2021. During its 5-season run, “Insecure” became a critically acclaimed series, scoring a perfect rating for seasons 1 and 5 via Rotten Tomatoes, a slot in the American Film Institute’s “ Top 10 Television Programs Of The Year” in 2017, and multiple Emmy nominations.

During a previous interview with Jennifer Hudson, Issa Rae spoke about portraying President Barbie and said,

“[This was a] dream come true. A dream I didn’t even know I had.” 

She continued,

“For me, it’s just, I obviously played with Barbies growing up but I never imagined I would play one. Much less, be in a Barbie movie.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel