Tiffany Haddish Tells Paris Hilton Her Late Dog Would Warn Her About Men w/ STDs: ‘She Could Smell It’

Tiffany Haddish, Paris Hilton

Tiffany Haddish Tells Paris Hilton Her Late Dog Would Warn Her About Men w/ STDs: ‘She Could Smell It’

Comedian Tiffany Haddish says her late dog could sense if a man was STD-free or not.

In a recent interview on Paris Hilton’s podcast “I Am Paris,” actress Tiffany Haddish, 43, kept it candid during their chat and shared with the media personality that her late dog, Dreamer, would give her a sign if a date “was sick.”

Tiffany Haddish

According to the movie star, her dog of 14 years, Dreamer — who died of cancer in 2022 — was brought into her life to warn her about the health status of her suitors.

Tiffany Haddish said,

“I believe she came to me to just let me know who has an STD.”

She continued,

The “Girls Trip” actress proceeded and said that Dreamer would,

“smell their butt, and then she would come over to me and she would sit. And if she sat and just sat there and just like, kind of smiled, it’s all good.”

On the other hand, Dreamer would give her owner a signal if there was something wrong with a potential beau.

“If she sat there and she started sneezing. I’m like, ‘Oh he’s sick.’

Hilton laughed and responded,


Haddish expressed,

“I would say something. I would be like, ‘When’s the last time you got a checkup? When’s the last time you went to the doctor?’ And they would be like, ‘What, what, uh, what?’”

Despite her theory, Haddish said she didn’t initially turn away any of her candidates. Instead, she told them,

“Look, if we’re gonna hook up, you definitely got to go to the doctor.”

While confirming that her dog was right, the TV star claimed,

“They would go and they would have stuff.”

Haddish added,

“She knew. She could smell it. She was an STD-sniffing dog.”

Tiffany Haddish

In regards to Haddish’s upcoming projects, she’s producing a docuseries that will showcase the realities of finding love while dealing with homelessness. As previously reported, the show will follow the lives of successful women who are dating homeless men.

The docuseries is one of two non-scripted programs Haddish’s company She Ready Productions has in the works.

Haddish — who was homeless in the past and spent some time in foster care — previously spoke on the series and reportedly stated,

“Everyone deserves to have someone supporting them and caring for them — not necessarily carrying them all the way…It’s really important for people to make sure that they know that because it’s really hard to be homeless. So many people are isolated and living on the streets alone.”

Tiffany Haddish

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely