Trick Daddy Threatens Radio Personality Ebro Darden Over Kodak Black: Watch Your Motherf*cking Mouth N*gg*! [VIDEO]

Trick Daddy Sends Fiery Message to Ebro Darden Amid Kodak Black Interview Disaster: “Keep his name out of your mouth!”

It seems everyone has words for Hot 97 radio personality Ebro Darden this week. The cast of “Ebro in the Morning” recently interviewed rapper Kodak Black, whom ended up abruptly leaving the interview. Kodak was upset that Ebro mentioned his open sexual assault case.

Since then, social media has erupted with debates about whether people should be more upset that Ebro tried to coerce Kodak Black into discussing an incriminating topic, or upset that the hip hop industry ignores abuse when popular artists commit crimes. Miami rapper Trick Daddy caught wind of the conversation and came to Kodak’s defense. He addressed Ebro in a video, saying:

“Man what’s up with you police-a** n*ggas? Let me tell you radio n*ggas something: y’all gettin’ out of line. Ebro, [you] disrespected the homie. You tried a young n*gga. Kodak [is] my little n*gga, n*gga. If ain’t nobody gon’ step up, n*gga, I’mma step up, n*gga. I want smoke, n*gga. [When] you get on the radio- you supposed to be a older n*gga, you supposed to be a n*gga that’s gon’ lead these n*ggas ‘not into temptation.’ You supposed to get these n*ggas and put ’em under your wing, and teach them the right from wrong. But your bitch a**, you tryna be a fake ass Charlamagne. There’s only one Charlamagne Tha God, p*ssy. Keep Kodak’s name out your mouth, and stop bringin’ up sh*t you know the little homie cannot talk about on the radio, b*tch a** n*gga. And watch your motherf*ckin’ mouth, n*gga. Don’t disrespect no n*gga from around my way, n*gga, unless you want smoke. [As a] matter of fact – I want smoke, b*tch a** n*gga. That go for Ebro and anybody who don’t your motherf*ckin’ like it!”

Ebro promptly responded with this tweet:

“Now Trick Daddy mad too…. I can tell he didn’t even hear the interview, he just wanna yell & talk sh*t”

Oop! In Trick Daddy’s defense, this isn’t Ebro Darden’s first time being questioned about his involvement with the police. Rapper/”Power” actor 50 Cent called Ebro out after he exposed some sensitive intel from NYPD about incarcerated rapper Tekashi 6ix 9ine‘s arrest. In typical 50 Cent-fashion, he addressed Ebro Darden on Instagram with this comment:

“@oldmanebro you working with police. why the police sending you intel.”

The day after the incident, Ebro and his morning show co-hosts discussed the incident with Kodak Black.

Does Ebro Darden deserve backlash for his interview with Kodak Black? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay