Rapper Yung Bleu Issues Public Apology To His Wife After Flying A Woman Out To Meet Him: ‘Sometimes As Men We Fall Short Of What’s Right’

Yung Bleu & his wife Tiemeria

Rapper Yung Bleu Issues Public Apology To His Wife After Flying A Woman Out To Meet Him: ‘Sometimes As Men We Fall Short Of What’s Right’

Rapper Yung Bleu appears to want his marriage to work.

In a (now-deleted) statement shared to Yung Bleu’s Twitter account, the 29-year-old recording artist issued a public apology to his wife, Tiemeria, after he was exposed last week for allegedly flying a woman out to meet him while being married. Amid the cheating allegations that recently surfaced, Yung Bleu, real name Jeremy Biddle, seemingly admitted to stepping out on his wife.

Yung Bleu

The R&B star praised Tiemeria and said,

“I would like to publicly apologize to my wife. I will never get on the internet and bash you no matter what you say out of hurt. [You’re] such a good woman. Solid. Rare. and I love and appreciate you.”

Additionally, Bleu claimed that the music industry comes with its own set of challenges for men, which seems to be in reference to the many women the entertainer comes across. The “You’re Mines Still” singer added,

“It’s a lot that this industry bring. Its a fast life. And sometimes as men we fall short of what’s right ! But I’ll never be stupid enough to lose what’s best for me ! Hope this message reaches you somehow. Giving everything else to god from here back to the music and enjoying the love of my fans on tour ! Family over everything.”

On Sept. 1, many fans learned Bleu was allegedly being unfaithful to his wife after a young woman, who goes by the username Tenom, made a TikTok video sharing her story of being flown out by the Alabama native. The two-part video also contained footage and screenshots detailing Tenom’s meet up with Bleu.


#storytime the type bleu slid in my Dm md wasted my fuckin time idc if your a #celebrity idc who you ate if youra #weirdo ima treat you like one just letting yall know this #storytime is kinda #long but im worth it!!! #nevertfagain #pplareweird #wastedmytime

? original sound – Tenom

According to the woman, Bleu slid in her DM after seeing a viral video of her long tongue. Following their interaction, she alleged the singer/song-writer privately flew her out to NYC, however, he failed to acknowledge her in person after paying for her hair and requesting she dress like a “tomboy.” In addition, Tenom claimed that Bleu didn’t introduce her to his team, nor did he offer her food or anything to drink.

Tenom also alleged she attended a basketball game with Bleu, but he insisted on her sitting in a seat away from him to keep their outing out of sight of Jumbotron cameras. After deeming the artist a “weirdo,” the trip ultimately resulted in the woman returning to her hometown of Philadelphia early.


PART 2: time w/ Bleu like i said before these #celebrities are fucking #weird and bleu is the #weirdest man ive ever hung out with in my life… I appreciate the jet and the haor but baby no… now his numer stays on my #blocklist maybe time will heal and we can try again ????? sike never ever again!!!!! worst encounter ever

? original sound – Tenom

Bleu’s wife eventually caught wind of the TikTok clip making its rounds online, prompting her to confront her husband and give her own account on the matter via Instagram. In a series of IG stories shared to her page, Tiemeria claimed to have kicked Bleu out and is in search of a divorce lawyer.

She wrote,

“N**ga stay tryna fly b**ches out. Don’t nobody wanna lick on that short a** d**k. Y’all can have his desperate b**cha**. Big teeth a** b**ch, that h** not lying on [your] dirty a**, b**ch.”

In a video, Tiemeria expressed,

“I said to him, ‘This girl is not f**king lying on you. This girl got video of your lying a** on a plane. She got so many f**king receipts… I hope Boosie [Badazz] come get your fucking a**.’”

In another post to her IG stories, Tiemeria appears to be ready to call it quits following the infidelity. She added,

“I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia.”

After the women’s videos went viral, Bleu confirmed Tenom’s allegations and accused her hygiene of being the reason why he didn’t entertain her during her stay. He also claimed her “loud” demeanor turned him off in now-deleted tweets.

Bleu said,

“I let u be a tag along fa the day true. But u went back home in a Uber with hunger pains cuz you was loud and hygiene wasn’t up to my standards. Had a lil smell that engulfed the plane. Nails dirty, shoes 2 sizes too big with a lil dust on em. So yea.”

He continued,

“U was a link up that turned to a side kick that day cuz I was being respectful and ain’t wanna send you back and hurt ya feelings. Ain’t get no d**k or no vibes tho. Hope u enjoyed ya stay tho lil mama.”

The entertainer added,

“I be quiet in my lil bubble dot come bothering me then when I tell the truth act like I’m clout chasing. Never needed clout I’m telling the truth never Sid it was a [cat emoji] smell. But her clothes had a smell that manifested through the whole plane. Idk if it was mildew or what. That’s why I acted like I did u came to social media 6 months later for answer, and u got it. I woulda kept that to myself cuz I’m 100.”

Yung Bleu

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely