Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock Of “Manipulating” Him For Fame & Attention, Claims She Planned To Have Their Baby Come 4 Weeks Early On Purpose

Blueface, Chrisean Rock

Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock Of “Manipulating” Him For Fame & Attention, Claims She Planned To Have Their Baby Come 4 Weeks Early On Purpose

Rapper Blueface is reflecting on his strained relationship with ex Chrisean Rock.

The “Thotiana” artist took to Instagram live recently, shedding light on how he feels “manipulated” by the mother of his newest child, claiming she used him to gain fame and notoriety.


Days after Chrisean Rock, real name Chrisean Malone 23, gave birth to their son of her same name, Blueface, real name Johnathan Porter, 26, stated about her:

“Chrisean Rock is a f*****g genius, I’m not gone take that from her.”

Chrisean RockAdding:

Imma tell you why she’s a genius, because she knows how to manipulate…she manipulated me into thinking that she was all about me.. Out of desperation right. So that’s why when she got into a position, she kind of tried to discredit everything I did…Granted, cause I was confused I’m like ‘d**n used to say so much great things about me now I’m responsible for everything but your success. I’m responsible for verbal abuse, financial abuse this that, but when it comes to your success I have nothing to do with it’. Okay, that’s strange.”

The reality Tv star went on to state that it was really her pregnancy that confirmed for him the skeptical things he’s been feeling. Blueface claimed in the lengthy rant that Chrisean strategically planned to have their baby come early for attention. According to him, their baby boy was supposed to be due towards the end of September, but as we reported, actually came nearly entire month before the day he alleges was the due date. Additionally, the California native says that his ex went out to find a specific hospital she would be allowed to record the pregnancy in and had her labor induced early, all to garner even more attention for herself. He stated:

“I have two kids I’ve been into labor rooms when someone is in labor…no female is planning to go in labor right. I have two kids I know this you can’t tell me otherwise…Chrisean planned her labor, she didn’t coincidentally go to Baltimore and her water broke and she just went somewhere and had the baby. You know how I know this, because certain hospitals don’t let you film because of their own rules and you know whatever they got going on. Chrisean went to a place prior when she was on Baddie’s.…she found a place prior that she could record this birth… it’s all attention-based.”

Chrisean Rock, Blueface

“Chrisean has done everything up to this far for attention she’s manipulating all of us and the only reason I’m now waking up and realizing it because I have kids so I know how this situation goes…she flew there, medically induced, she let us know before the baby was coming that it was coming four weeks before the due date.”
Blueface also claimed the “Vibe” artist plans her live sessions discussing their relationship to get more sympathy from the public. He noted that whenever she “goes live and cries”, making him seem like a “terrible guy”, Chrisean’s makeup is always done and jewelry is always on, suggesting its all performative. The musician added that her “claim to fame” is sympathy, and that he’s disappointed in himself for falling for the ruse.

Blueface & Chrisean Rock

The Zeus stars latest rant against Chrisean is nothing new for the couple. Since the start of their romance back in 2020, the two entertainers have repeatedly come under for their toxic exchanges. The pair has been video’d fighting one another, getting overly intoxicated together, and had a few of their altercations end in arrests. Their relationship came to a halt a few months ago amid Chrisean’s pregnancy, as Blueface made it clear that he didn’t want to keep the baby nor be with her long term. Recent episodes of their Zeus series “Crazy In Love” unfolded the aftermath of Chrisean’s decision to follow through with her pregnancy, despite Blueface’s disdain.

Now, it seems Blueface wants to convince the world that Chrisean is the mastermind behind their media persona. It is unclear if Chrisean has responded to Blueface’s recent accusations . However, the entertainer did make a recent post that could be related to the matter, simply writing:

“All I hear is Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean”

The new mom also shared a first look at her and Blueface’s newborn son, sharing his name as the caption.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson