Nicki Minaj’s Husband, Kenneth Petty, Can Now Use The Internet After Not Registering As Sex Offender

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj’s Husband, Kenneth Petty, Can Now Use The Internet After Not Registering As Sex Offender

Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty saw a small victory amid his legal woes.

According to The Daily Mail, the lifelong partner of the “Yikes” rapper was given the green light to use the internet while he waits for trial. He was previously arrested for failing to register as a sex offender in California when he and Nicki Minaj relocated to the state. He could be sentenced to up to a decade in prison.

Meanwhile, he’ll be able to use the internet ahead of his court date, which is scheduled for next month.

Still, he won’t be allowed to leave South California ahead of his trial. He’s also subject to a curfew and will have to wear an ankle monitor.

It was previously reported that a conviction from 1995 (when he was 16) for attempted first-degree rape is the reason he’s still required to register as a sex offender. He served nearly four years behind bars. Nicki Minaj, who has known Kenneth Petty since they were teenagers, has been consistent in defending him in the public eye.

One person who has plenty to say about his legal issues is daytime talk show host Wendy Williams. She went off in a brief rant last week and said his legal issues and criminal past could taint Nicki Minaj’s entire career.

“You should’ve never married him. Because now, you’ve ruined everything about what your brand could be…again. You’re never gonna stand a chance when you’re with a man who pulls a knife at rape point… a molester, a registered sex offender… you’re never going to stand a chance with John Q public.”

She also addressed him pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter. He served seven years in prison for that and was released in 2013.

“There’s only one thing worse than touching children and pulling knives, and that’s murder. By the way, he did go to jail for manslaughter. Oh, I think I just did the story. Nope. Everybody get to digging! Get to digging!”

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Authored by: Char Patterson