Kimora Lee Simmons Says She’s “Run Into Con Artists Every Step Of The Way” While Reflecting On Previous Marriages To Russell Simmons & Tim Leissner

Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons, Tim Leissner

Kimora Lee Simmons Says She’s “Run Into Con Artists Every Step Of The Way” While Reflecting On Previous Marriages To Russell Simmons & Tim Leissner

Fashion personality Kimora Lee Simmons is opening up about her past relationships.

During a recent cover interview, the Baby Phat co-founder admitted to feeling like she was duped by her past husbands, adding that she’s been “bruised” by marriage.

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons reflected on her romances with business mogul Russell Simmons and former bank manager Tim Leissner, explaining how the drama in the relationships has warped her view of men. Discussing first how she feels she’s at a point in life where she and her children can survive without a dominant male presence, she stated:

“I fear that I sound way too much like, ‘Screw all the men,’…We need them. I love them. I love men…That’s why I’ve been married so many times.”

And continued:

“I have beautiful children, but our necessity for [men] in our life is very minimal…It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s not giving what it was supposed to have gave!”

Kimora Lee Simmons and children

After briefly discussing the turbulent time she spent as the wife of Simmons and Leissner, she added:

“I’m so bruised by it all…I feel like I’ve run into con artists every step of the way.”

Taking a look at the history of the relationships, it’s no surprise why Kimora feels the way she does. The fashionista’s first marriage to Russell Simmons happened when she was just 23 years old while he was 41. The pair went on to co-found their popular Baby Phat clothing line and welcomed daughters Aoki and Ming before things turned sour. Kimora divorced Russell in 2009, and for a while it seemed like the two would maintain a good relationship.

However in the past few years Russell has gone on to unsuccessfully sue Kimora over stocks they shared together, and accused her of keeping their children from him. If you recall, Aoki and Russell got into a heated online disagreement after the young model blasted her father. In a lengthy social media rant, she claimed her dad was verbally abusive and threatened to end her modeling career if she didn’t take his side over her mothers.

It seems the chain of negative interactions with her ex caused the two to stop speaking with one another, as Kimora stated in the interview she hasn’t spoken to Russell in years and doesn’t co-parent with any of the father’s of her children. Her second try at marriage doesn’t seem to have ended any better. As we’ve previously covered, Tim Leissner not only took part in a billion dollar fraud scheme, but quite literally conned Kimora into marriage. During the former Goldman Sachs manager’s criminal trial, it was discovered that he forged divorce documents from his previous wife in order to illegally marry Kimora. This happened to be the second time he’d done so, and understandably, left their marriage strained though it’s noted they aren’t officially divorced at this time.

Despite the hurt from her past relationships Kimora says she’s focused on her children and building stronger relationships with the women in her life. Along with her two children with Russell, the socialite also shares son Kenzo with actor Djimon Hounsou, son Wolf with Leissner, and another son named Gary who she adopted in 2020.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson